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Nineteen Facts About Me

Since it's my birthday I decided to do a fun little post! I love learning little facts about people so I thought I'd let you lovely bunch know some little factoids about me. I'm not promising that they'll be jaw dropping but let's get into it.

  1. I love Italian food. It just tastes so so so good. My favourite restaurants are Bella Italia and Carluccio's. 
  2. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. He lives in Durham and I'm from Telford.
  3. I have a chipped tooth from biting down on a pizza crust. 
  4. I hate fish and I haven't eaten it in about 12 years. 
  5. I like to put crisps like Quavers into my noodles, it's strange I know but they taste amazing together.
  6. Arctic Monkeys are my all-time favourite band. 
  7. I'm obsessed with planning, I have most of my life planned out already.
  8. Cream soda is the best drink imo of course.
  9. I'm a first year student at University of Wolverhampton and I study Media and Sociology.
  10. Cheese and chocolate are also my favourite foods - separately though.
  11. I'm naturally blonde, not brunette. 
  12. My ears are so small, I don't think they've grown since I was about 7.
  13. My biggest fears are spiders, heights and needles.
  14. I would love to go to a haunted place and spend a night.
  15. I'm more of a bath gal than a shower gal.
  16. My favourite video game is Fallout:New Vegas. NCR for the win. 
  17. I have a really bad habit of biting the skin inside my lip.
  18. No joke, I've probably watched every episode of Ghost Adventures 100 times.
  19. My nickname as a child was Chicken, I have no clue why.
I hope you've learned some weird lil things about me. If you're a birthday twin of mine - happy birthday and have an amazing day!! Stay beautiful. Lots of loves,

Dublin Bucket List

It's officially a month before Liam and I fly off to Dublin and I couldn't be more excited. I've never actually been so I've been doing my research and trying my best to find interesting things to do while we're there. It's the first time we've flown together so it's gonna be super special.

The National Museum of Ireland | I love museums and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to go here. I love seeing the history of other countries so this is top of my bucket list. Also, the building is absolutely stunning so it will definitely make for some good photos.

Dublin Castle | Castles are another thing I love visiting when I go away. Again, the history of them fascinates me and I love being able to stand in the same place others will have stood in a time in the world that is so different to time now.

Temple Bar | The photos I've seen of this place have me absolutely dying to go there. It's looks amazing when it's all done up for Christmas and I'm so excited to go there. I reckon I'll get some good photos for Insta.

St Stephen's Green | When I looked this up it reminded me of a smaller version of Central Park in New York. It looks so pretty. The photos of it in the snow look amazing too so hopefully it's snowing when we go.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. I apologize for posts being shorter but with uni work going on I thought I'd just write smaller posts. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves,

YouTube Workout that I Love

On my little journey of self-development I've been trying to work out more in order to stay healthy and have a clear mind. For me signing up to the gym would be a waste of money because I probably wouldn't ever go for various reasons. YouTube workouts for me are a life-saver - they're free and they get me moving. I have a little list of some workouts that I love to do! Using YouTube workouts are really good if you don't have much time to go to the gym or if it's not in your budget!

I Really Like You Squat Challenge - Blogilates | This gets my booty burning, it's one of my all time favourite work outs to do. The way Cassey speaks in the video is so motivating and she spurs you on all through the video. I love all of her videos because she's so inspiring and she makes it seem so much easier than it is! If you're looking to grow your booty then this is an amazing workout to try.

15 Minute Boxing Workout You Can Do at Home - POPSUGAR Fitness | Boxing workouts are my favourite kind of workouts to do by far. I feel like Rocky when I'm doing it. I find this really helpful because it has different levels to it which really helps. The videos have a lower fitness level and a higher fitness level moves so you can work to whatever you feel comfrotable at. 

Beginners Yoga for a Positive Mind - Boho Beautiful | Boho Beautiful is another one of my favourite channels to do workouts with - she has such a positive vibe to each of her videos. She's really good at relaxing me during my yoga session. She also has videos for different levels of yoga to do. I love doing this video because it really starts my day off positively. 

Silent Death Cardio - Blogilates | This is a killer workout, for real. It's really good for people who live in a flat or have a room upstairs as it's made to be quiet so that you don't disturb people. It's just under 15 minutes long which is a perfect length for me because any less and I feel like I've not worked but anymore and I feel horrible after.

I hope you check some of these out and see if you like them! Thank you so much for reading. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves,

Settling into University

If you're expecting a post about how I manage to rock up to uni after a night out on the town and focus while still being half drunk then I'm sorry to disappoint. Anywho, settling into uni was something I was worried would take while for me. However, it's actually happened quite quickly. I can sometimes find it very difficult to feel comfortable in new surroundings due to anxiety and just my general dislike for big change. I decided not to move away for uni so my experience of getting comfortable in my new routine etc may be different to the experience of someone who moved into halls but hopefully there're tips that can help all kinds of students.

Get to know your way around | I'd never been to Wolverhampton before going to uni so it was completely new for me. In the first few weeks I decided to look around and find places that may be useful. I found all the buildings my classes are held in, local shops and other things. I also got to know the university itself. I figured out the place I'd feel most comfortable studying in and where my closest coffee machine is. This has really helped me feel more comfortable around my uni and the city it's in.

Make friends with other students | Being the socially awkward person that I am I thought this would be tonnes harder than it was. Just start up a conversation with the persons sat with you, it's a lot easier than it seems. It'll make it lots easier when group work comes up or when you're confused about something. Also, some people move away to places they've never been and have no friends yet so it not only helps you but it could also help someone else which is a bonus!

Plan ahead always | Knowing where you need to be and where is so so important. Know the rooms you should be in and whatnot. Get an idea of when your time off is, when assignments are due in etc. It's always good to be one step ahead and stay ahead. This is probably one of the most important tips of this list. It can be really easy to fall behind so being one step ahead is important. 

Speak to your lecturers | It's important to speak to your lecturers because they're there to help you. If you have a question about your lecture or assignments then it's a really good idea to talk to lecturers. Ask about their office hours and email them for a chat if you're struggling. There's no shame in talking to them. Also, if you have a personal tutor, set up a meeting with them - all the people are there to help you so put them to as much use as you can.

I hope these tips can help. If you have any tips for me please comment them below! Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves,

Life Update | Settling In

I didn't really finish the last week or so of Blogtober as I wanted to - but I managed to post 22 times this month which for me is super huge. So while I do apologize for not finishing Blogtober, I pinky promise Blogmas will be properly executed. The reason I didn't really finish was because my boyfriend came to visit me which was lovely. I thought I'd give a little life update as I feel like quite a few things have changed since I did my last life update.

First off, I started my first year at the University of Wolverhampton studying Media and Sociology. I am so in love with my course and so happy that I chose it! I'm settling in really well which is kind of odd for me as it usually would take longer but I feel really comfortable. I've actually been brave enough to speak to people and make some friends which I'm happy with. I feel like I've done a good job of not letting my anxiety get in the way of me enjoying my uni experience. I have a few posts about uni coming up so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I've changed a lot about my blog too. I bought my wonderful theme from BloggerTemplate on Etsy and I'm loving it! I'm so happy with how my blog looks right now and investing money into it is really helping my productivity as it's showing myself I'm committed. I also bought my domain which was suuuper exciting! I feel like I've become a lot more dedicated to blogging, it's the first hobby I've ever really stuck to and I love it. My blogs first birthday is coming up soon too.

I'm on a journey of self-discovery at the moment and I'm really finding out so much about who I am as a person. It's really interesting to dig deeper than just the surface of who I think I am. It's actually helping me fall more inlove with myself because I'm realizing that my anxieties are part of who I am, my introversion is part of who I am etc. I always thought I knew who I really was but I was wrong. I'm going to be writing some posts about how I've discovered more about myself which I know sounds super wishy washy but it's a real thing.

Anyway, I've droned on about myself for what seems like ages. How's life for you? Comment below what's happening in your life if you'd like. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves,

My Favourite Scary Films

I absolutely love scary films. I've always loved being scared or freaked out. Cuddled up on the sofa with snacks and a pillow covering my face. I'm not a fan of the classics such as Psycho, Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the Thirteenth but I prefer the 'new' classics. The films that make you feel like paranoid to step foot outside of your house are some of my favourites.

Thirteen Ghosts | This was the first 'scary' film I'd ever watched and it was fascinating to me. I haven't seen it for years but the last time I watched it I laughed because it's so bad. Like it's not scary at all but when I was younger it frightened me so much. It's your cliche haunted building sorta film. 

Woman in Black | Considering this film is a 12A it's probably one of the films that made me jump the most. I went to see this in the cinema with my Mom and I was so scared that I held her hand. It was really well done, I loved it. Daniel Radcliffe also did a really good job of separating himself from his Harry Potter image. I haven't watched it since because I'm so scared and watching the second film but made me even more terrified. 

Paranormal Activity | There's not many scary films that I can say have given me nightmares or have kept me up but these films did. My sister and I pulled an all nighter watching them and I was so scared of everything. When the wind blew I'd jump, if the door creaked I'd jump. You get the picture, I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to these kinds of films. The fact that it's hidden camera based film scared me even more because it seems more real to me. 

IT | This is one classic that I do love. I haven't seen the new one yet but I plan to. For some reason, I love this film even though it terrifies me. It was one of the first scary films I'd watched. I found what Pennywise said more funny than scary but maybe I'm just strange.

Hostel | This is one of the more hardcore horrors I've watched. It has scared me from ever staying in any hostel. It's such a freaky film but it's so interesting at the same time.

My Biggest Fears

I thought I'd click off the week before Halloween with some spooky posts! I'm quite a fan of dark, weird things even though I look like I'm a twelve year old obsessed with Hannah Montana still. I had the idea to write out some things I'm scared of, they're quite common. I hope you lil spooks enjoy my post.

Spiders | My biggest fear in life is definitely spiders, they scare the crap out of me. I just find them so creepy and ew. The way they look and move. It's a fear I've always had and I probably will always have. They freak me out. If there's one thing I could pick to be wiped off the planet forever it would 100% be spiders. I can't explain why I'm so scared of them but I just am, y'know?

Hot air balloons | This seems a little strange, I know but it's a real fear of mine. I'm not scared of them flying around. I actually think they look quite beautiful in the sky but I'm terrified to go on one. I had a dream when I was nine that my parents took me on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday, they actually ended up leaving me on the thing all alone and I just floated off into space. I know that them things would never happen but I'm still scared to go on them. 

Ghosts | I know this is something that a lot of people will either laugh at or agree with. You're open to your belief of whether ghosts exist or not however, I personally believe they do. I've experienced a few things that I think could be supernatural. Emphasis on could because it may just be mind tricks or whatever. I've believed in ghosts ever since I was little. There's certain places like my nan's house where I feel a little uneasy. It might just be because the house is old but maybe it's more. 

Porcelain dolls | As beautifully as their made and as dainty as they look, these dolls f r e a k me out. I used to go to a ladies house and she had shelves full of them in every room and it just feels like their eyes follow you everywhere. I've been known to turn them around so that they don't stare at me constantly because they just make me feel so uncomfortable.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! I'm really loving Blogtober! What are you most scared of? Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves, 

My Scariest Experiences

Everyone has scary experiences, right? Sometimes they're a freaky kind of scary and other times they may be a nervous kind of scary. I thought I'd share a few of my scariest experiences. In keeping with my spooky theme of blogging in the next few days. 

Going on Air at Alton Towers | Rollercoasters have always been something I've feared. However, whilst lining up for Air it stopped mid-ride like two times before we'd gotten on it so naturally I was even more terrified. I think the scariest thing is the way your positioned, you're not just sat down like normal. Your legs are danging in the air and it's such a strange feeling. On the bright side, my fear of rollercoasters.

Flying | I've flown so many times however I still get a little bit of anxiety when it comes to flying. I'm fine with being in the air but when it comes to taking off and landing I get super nervous. I just don't like the feeling of them parts of the journey. Other than that I'm an okay flyer as long as I have a good book and film to keep me company.

Jabs | In like year nine at school I had my jabs, I hate needles more than anything on the planet. Worst thing was I had to have one on my birthday so I was mortified! I can't explain why I hate jabs so much but I do.

First Meeting Liam | Liam and I are in a long distance relationship and we'd been talking for six months before me first met on the day before my birthday. It was the scariest thing because I was nervous about him liking me in person. He clearly did because we are still going strong today. I still remember the pit in my stomach as his train showed up. It was full of nerves but also happiness.

First Day at Uni | Starting uni was so nerve-wracking. I'd never walked around Wolves, I didn't know anyone on the exact course as me and I was just a bag of nerves. Luckily, I've managed to settle in quite well and I'm super happy with the progress I've made. I'm loving being at university.

Thank you for reading! What are your scariest experiences? I hope you have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves,