Monday, 12 February 2018

Learning About Myself

I am the type of person who loves knowing little details. One of the things I pride myself on is being able to remember peoples Zodiac sign or how they like their tea etc. I just love to know the little things that make people who they are. Not too long ago while watching a video on YouTube did I realise that I don't really know much about myself other than the basics that you need to know. I decided to do a little bit of digging and here's what I found out. Disclaimer: I did quizzes and looked up my horoscope. So it's not scientific or anything but I will only be adding things that I feel resonate with me - both positive and negative.
My Zodiac sign is a Scorpio as my birthday is on November the 14th. I know some people disregard these signs and their meaning but I quite enjoy what they tell me. Yes, I am aware it's not the gospel truth but it's something that interests me. When I looked at the traits, I found that my sign answered a lot of questions I had about myself. Apparently, Scorpio's tend to be overemotional, a fact I'm sure my boyfriend will agree with. They're also trustworthy and loyal - this also resonated with me because another thing I pride myself on is my loyalty. However, this has sometimes ended up with me getting hurt. Scorpio's are also known to be creative and resourceful. I wasn't too sure if I agreed with the creative part because I can't paint or create any kind of art but I suppose writing is a creative skill and I obviously enjoy that. Guarded and suspicious are apparently two of the weaknesses of the Scorpio which I agree with. I can be quite sceptical of people and their intentions which leads me to be more wary of them. I think I learned these traits in secondary school as sometimes I let me guard down a little too early and ended up getting upset. Another weakness of Scorpio's is their obsessive nature - when speaking for myself I completely agree. When I watch a series, I get so sucked into the universe around it. I'll sit in lectures wondering what will happen next or before I sleep I'll wonder what could've happened differently. The same with YouTubers, I'll go through a phase where I'll only watch one person and I will set reminders for their videos.

I also did a personality test which again really resonated with me. Turns out I am an INFJ-T personality type aka Advocate. I've done this test previously and the answer has always been the same so I'm convinced that it's accurate. The main aspect of this personality type was being an introvert - a fact that I know to be true about myself. I love my alone time where I can just be in my bubble. Another trait of this type is following your heart over your head, again, something I do quite often. Though I like to plan things down to the finest detail, that doesn't mean that my heart completely quashes its spontaneity. To twist it up, there was a trait in the list that I didn't agree with which was decisiveness. I am probably the most indecisive person on this planet (ask my boyfriend). For some reason, I just can't handle the pressure that decision-making puts on me. Sensitive and private were on the list too. As mentioned before I like my private time and I also can be sensitive. I tend to overthink things that I say or others say. Picking it apart to find the negative even if there wasn't any intended. But, I am working on just accepting the positive and not delving deeper for a negative that doesn't exist. 

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I hope you enjoyed this post. I recommend looking at these if you're looking to get to know yourself better. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.
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  1. This was very interesting to read! I am a Taurus and to be honest I feel like I don't know enough about it. I should probably look into it more

    Sophia xo // taurus

    1. It was really interesting to see what traits aligned with my star sign and I was surprised to see how many made sense ahah. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day x


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