Monday, 9 April 2018

Planning a Productive Day

We strive to always have productive days where we can look at our to-do list and see all the boxes ticked off and tuck ourselves into bed feeling accomplished and fulfilled. However, this is sadly hardly ever the case, for me anyway. I write myself these massive lists of tasks to get done before the day is over and I start the day with a mind full of motivation and a mouthful of coffee - then it slowly fizzles out. But never fear because I have some (almost) failsafe tips to ensure that your day is full of ticked boxes and smug smiles.
➸ Set out your to-dos
The first and most obvious tip but it needs to be discussed. I always prefer writing my list the night before so that I can just get into it the next morning but you can write it whenever you feel it's best for you. They don't have to be in any particular order at first - just jot them down. Once they're written down, categorise them into sections that work for you so a few examples may be: work, chores, uni, kids, self-care etc. Highlight them or stick a coloured box around your categories so that they are all split up. Your last task is to put an asterisk next to the three that are the most important tasks you have to do today - regardless of the category each one is in. 

➸ Pick your method
Next, you'll be choosing your weapon of mass completion. I have three methods I work by but if you have another of your own that works for you, do you boo. My methods are:
 By category: do the tasks from one category and then move on.              
 By priority: do whatever tasks are most important regardless of category.
 By difficulty: get the hardest tasks done and get on with the easy stuff.   
It's good to have a method in place because it just makes it loads easier to get stuff done. When I used to just wing it I hardly found myself getting anything done so this is a tried and tested tip that I know works if you're someone who needs a guideline.

➸ Don't overdo it
I know that it can be a nice feeling to see a full list of tasks to do and complete but when you overwhelm yourself with millions of boxes to tick off, you'll probably find yourself being less productive. I like to start off with a list of five things to do, that is a number that works for me - you can pick a number that works for you. I get the first five done and if I have any more to add, I do that after. 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post - I love giving little tips like this! Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. 
Lots of loves, 



  1. This is how I start most my days as well, love being productive! Xx

    1. It works so well I find! Thanks for reading lovely xx


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