Real Talk: Has 10k Steps a Day Changed Me?

During the month of March, I signed up to do the Cancer Research Walk All Over Cancer Challenge. This charity is one very close to my heart as people in my family have been affected by this disease, including my amazing Mom. I wanted to do something to help other people but also help myself. At first the thought of ten thousand steps everyday aka 310,000 steps in a month terrified me and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull through. However, I managed it and I am so proud of myself.

I’ve had my Fitbit for a few years however I feel like I’ve never really used it in the way I have this month. I’ve been checking constantly to see my steps update, logging the food I’ve eaten and posting on the community boards. It’s really made me more conscious of how much I move in a day. Before this challenge, when I wasn’t at uni I would do 2k steps A DAY. I’ve done that in a fifteen-minute walk and to think that used to be my daily amount is scary. Upping my activity has had quite a few positive effects on me
Has it changed me?
I’ve felt a lot better this month, in both mind & body. I have been sleeping a lot better, I feel more energised and I’ve felt happy in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. It was difficult at first and I would be really tired after a walk or I’d get out of breathing easily but now I can walk for longer and I don’t feel so fatigued during or after. Now that I know I am capable of doing 10k steps every day for a whole month I feel really motivated to continue trying to reach that goal.

I really feel like my body has changed this month while doing this challenge. My clothes are looser, I can see areas of my body shrinking and I’ve lost loads of inches. I know that numbers aren’t as important as how you feel but I am happy with the losses I’ve had this month. As stupid as it may sound I’ve fallen in love with fitness a little bit this month; I have signed up for the gym and I’m so excited to gain more health and losing some weight too. 

Thank you so much for reading. I've loved doing this challenge and raising money for a cause I'm passionate about. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves, 

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