Monday, 30 April 2018

Shift Your Mindset

Mindset is such an important thing but it can often be overlooked. When you're trying to make changes in your life, whether big or small it's really important to have the right mindset. For so long my mindset was really bad and it was detrimental to almost everything in my life. My toxic mindset made it so that I felt terrible about myself no matter what I did. I am sure that I'm not alone in this and I really wanted to do something about it.

For so long, I was comparing myself to other people whether why be big celebrities or just people I knew from school. Everything I did I would compare it back to someone else who had done the same and I'd just drag myself down. It's just this vicious cycle and its toxicity is such a confidence killer. After a while I felt like I'd never achieved anything that I wanted to - I'd always be alone, unhappy with my appearance, living without money etc. Looking back at it now I bullied myself worse than anyone ever could but I justified it because I was being hurtful to myself, no one else was getting hurt but me. It now seems so unreal that as recent as last year, I was just horrible to myself. If you've experienced this too, then you'll know just how awful it makes you feel.
So let's get to the positive stuff, okay? Becuase there is a positive to this story I'm delighted to say. I've been on my self-love journey for about six months now and I feel amazing. Even when I don't do as well as I want to in something, I forgive myself and try harder next time. Hopefully, with the tips in this post, you will learn that things do get better and with a few changes, you can become more happy and positive.

The first thing I took care of was how much I compared myself to other people. This wasn't as easy as I might make it sound because all I've done for years is compare myself to others. I allowed myself to notice other peoples achievements, appearance and stuff like that (it's impossible not to) but I wouldn't put myself down after looking at these. I would be happy for that person and what they were doing but I would remind myself that I have my own ambitions.

Secondly, I embraced who I am. This is something I feel like people really bypass - we should all love and embrace who we are because we are that way for a reason. Learn to absolutely love yourself. Accept things you can't change and make plans to change the things that you can (but only if you want to). Honestly, just fall in love with yourself even if it sounds difficult now, the way you think will change so much when you just love who you are.

Finally, I started working on the things I don't particularly enjoy about myself but in a healthy and positive way. An example of this is with my weight loss. I used to think that cutting out food groups was good for me or skipping meals would help because they seemed like quick ways to lose weight and I wasn't focusing on my health while doing them, I was focussing on looking a particular way. Now, on my journey to weight loss, I make foods that keep my body healthy and full of nutrition. I make sure to eat at proper times during the day. Shifting the focus from my appearance to my health has really improved the way I feel about losing weight.

Thank you so much for reading. I apologise if this is slightly wordy but it's something I've wanted to write about for a while. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. 
Lots of loves,


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