Monday, 23 April 2018

Five Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy

When I was about twelve years old, I started dying my hair. I was never really happy with the dirty blonde colour that my hair used to be and I decided that brunette was the colour for me. As soon as I started dying my hair people told me that it would go like straw, get thinner, look dead etc. I dye my hair usually between every one to three months and I've done this for the last eight years nearly. I can proudly say that my hair is glossy, thick and very healthy. Nothing like I was told it was going to be. So I have happily proved them people wrong. Don't worry my loves, Aunty Katie has got your hair covered. 
➸ Invest in a good brush or comb
Brushes and combs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and it's really important that you get the right one for your hair. I didn't invest in a comb until late last year but I heard they help combing wet hair so I got myself an afro comb. There's also been a Tangle Teezer for wet hair that's come out so I also use this and it works amazingly! Judging the picture above you'll see I clearly don't have an afro but the long, wide teeth of afro combs are really good for getting knots and kinks out. Here's a post that explains what brushes are good for what types of hair.

➸ Do a weekly hair mask
Hair masks are so handy for your hair. I try to do one every week (usually on my Self Care Sunday). You can either get hair masks from shops or you can get creative and make your own at home. Pinterest has some recipes for hair masks that sound amazing. I tend to just put some coconut or argan oil in my hair overnight and wash it off in the morning. 

➸ Always use heat protection spray
Heat protection spray is really important if you're somebody that regularly uses heat on their hair. I never ever use any heat on my hair without putting some spray on first. I've used the Argan Oil spray from Poundland for the last three years and it has never let me down. Alternatively, you could use less heat on your hair. I've drastically cut down how much I style my hair with heat and it's really improved my hair.

➸ Dry your hair with an old t-shirt
The texture of a towel can damage your hair and cause split ends. I really recommend just taking an old t-shirt into the bathroom when you have a shower/bath and using that to wrap up your hair. When I started doing this last year my hair I could see such a difference in my split ends and breakages within a few months. 

➸ Trims are your friends
I absolutely dread trims because I'm trying to grow and I'm always scared too much will be cut off. However, I know that trims are needed if I want long, healthy hair. Usually, I'll trim my hair every like six months depending on the condition of my hair. 

Thank you so much for reading this post. I've had this in the works for a while but I wanted to try out the tips properly before recommending them. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.
Lots of loves, 



  1. These tips are so useful! I really need to start using more hair masks! Xx

    1. My hair has improved so much since using them! You can get a really nice Argan oil hair mask from Poundland, it works wonders and smells amazing! Thank you for reading lovely xxx


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