Tips for Your Tresses

When I was about twelve years old, I started dying my hair. I was never really happy with the dirty blonde colour my hair used to be and I decided that brunette was the colour for me. As soon as I started dying my hair I had people telling me it would look like straw, go thinner, look horrible etc. I dye my hair every one to three months and I’ve done this since I started and I can proudly say that my hair is soft, shiny and healthy. So away with peoples negative comments. Katie has got you covered with tips on hair care whether you have coloured hair, your natural colour, long, short or whatever.

Invest in a good brush and/or comb
Brushes and combs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. It’s really important to get a brush that suits your hair type. I found this post really helpful for finding the right brush for your hair type. I actually didn’t invest in a comb until recently and I got myself an afro comb. I know this seems strange because I don’t have an afro but these combs are really good for detangling. I also like using this after I’ve washed my hair because its so gentle and it makes my hair super soft. *DO NOT EVER brush your hair when it’s wet, this can really damage it but combs don’t do this damage so invest in one*.
Do a hair mask weekly
Hair masks are literally so good for your locks. Chose the right one for your hair such as ‘for dry hair’ or ‘for damaged hair’. I sometimes do two a week but this is just my personal preference. You can get creative and make your own ones from varied ingredients (you can find recipes on Pinterest) but if you want to buy one then you can get cheap but amazing ones from Poundland or Home Bargains. Alternatively, you can go high-end if you'd like but the results will be the same whether you go for diy, inexpensive or high-end. 

Always use heat protection spray
Heat protect spray is so important if you’re someone who regularly uses heat on your hair. I never ever straighten, curl or dry my hair without putting some heat protection spray on. I’ve used an Argan Oil one from Poundland for the last 3 years and it works wonders. When you use heat on your hair without heat protection spray it can really damage your hair so it's just better to use a lil bit of spray to keep your hair looking healthy.

Dry your hair with an old t-shirt
The texture of a towel can damage your hair and make it feel dry even when you’ve just washed it. I really recommend just taking an old shirt into the bathroom and wrapping your hair in that when you’ve washed your hair as it makes your hair feel and look so much more healthy. It can also create split ends and no one wants that. I started doing this at the end of the year and it has actually helped my hair look better so I definitely recommend giving it a go.

Trims are your friend
I absolutely dread trims because I’m trying to grow my hair and I’m always scared too much will be cut off. However, I know that trims are required if I want long hair. I usually have a trim every three to six months depending on the condition of my hair. 
Thank you so much for reading this post, it's one I've had in the works for ages but I wanted to make sure I thought all my tips were good before posting it. How do you care for your hair? Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves, 


  1. These tips are so useful! I really need to start using more hair masks! Xx

    1. My hair has improved so much since using them! You can get a really nice Argan oil hair mask from Poundland, it works wonders and smells amazing! Thank you for reading lovely xxx