A-Z of Things That Make Me Happy

This post is a little lazy but I have been with Liam, doing uni work and just busy in general so I wanted to
write something that was easy and simple. I have been trying to focus on all the things that make me
happy in life and this post has really helped. Keep your eyes peeled folks, I will be doing lots of new things while
I'm off uni. This will be so excitinggg.

A / American Horror Story - it's literally my favourite show ever, I love the creepiness of it.
B / Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream - the only ice cream that I will eat.
C / Crime documentaries - if there's a crime documentary on any channel I will be watching it.
D / Doggos - because who doesn't really?
E / Evan Peters - need I explain?
F / Finishing projects - nothing makes me happier than ticking off a project on my list.
G / Ghost Adventures - I live for Aaron's reactions to everything.
H / Hot chocolate - especially Options, they do the best hot chocolate ever.
I / Interior design - it's like my secret love, I love scouring Pinterest for new ideas.
J / Jammie days - I'm a lazy person so chilling in jammies suites me.
K / Kardashians - my not so guilty pleasure.
L / Liam - Liam is my everything like he's my best friend, soul mate, rock etc.
M / Meditating - it makes me so calm and puts everything in perspective.
N / Naps - I nap like a toddler, no lie.
O / Opening new books - nothing beats that new book smell.
P / Pizza - my favourite food in the whole world.
Q / Quiet spaces - I'm like an 80 year old basically, I don't want to be anywhere noisy.
R / Reading - I've been a bookworm since I was young.
S / Supernatural - I've always loved the spooky and supernatural.
T / Tidying up - I'm at my most relaxed when I'm tidying up.
U / UniDays - I love a good discount code.
V / Vanilla Flavoured Soya Milk - this stuff makes the best pancake mix.
W /  Writing - obviously as I'm a blogger but I've been a keen writer for years now.
X / Xanthite - it’s one of my favourite crystals,
Y / Yoga - a good flow makes me feel so relaxed.
Z / Zodiac - I have been obsessed with my horoscope since I was like 12.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this post inspires you to spend more time focussing on the good stuff life brings. What is one of your things that makes you happy? Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. 
Lots of loves, 

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