Feeling Behind the Times

I often laugh at myself because of how much I remind myself of a little old lady. I'd rather stay inside
with a good book and a cup of tea in the comfort of my home. I've always kind of been teased for
how little I have in common with most people my age and it's always sort of bothered me. Up until
recently, that is. I've just started embracing who I am and I am someone who doesn't enjoy going out
to clubs or pubs. I am someone who would rather go looking at historic areas of Edinburgh than raving
in Ibiza. That's just who I am. That's not to say that the things people my age do are bad or stupid or that
I'm above them, it's just not my type of thing. Some people have been bothered by this. I've been called
boring many times and in the end, I'd rather be boring than in an uncomfortable situation.

Sometimes I'll be scrolling down Facebook to see that old school friends are dressed up, ready to go
out and the jealousy hits. I've never done things like that before. I've not experienced the room
spinning when I get into bed after a few jägers. I've not woken up with a sore head not knowing whatever I did last night. Is it bad that I've never done these things? No, because I've never really wanted to but I've convinced myself that somehow I've missed out. I would much prefer staying in on the sofa, binge-watching Louis Theroux documentaries and drinking some Echo Falls Summer Fruits. Don't get me wrong, just because I don't like drinking out doesn't mean that rosé and I aren't the best of friends.

It's so strange that I'm not a huge ‘going out’ person because most of my family love a good night out.
My grandad is the biggest party animal I know. I remember going to the pubs with him and watching
him play darts while I sipped on my Panda Pop. Sometimes I think it's this that has put me off drinking.
I went to pubs and would go to family parties where there would be drinking so drinking or partying wasn't new to me. So when I came to the age of going to house parties I was like ‘meh’. I just had no interest in drinking. It wasn't a new concept for me, alcohol wasn't some special new substance.

We are all different and that's fine. So if you love a good night out with shots and kebabs then do you.
Alternatively, if you'd rather stay in with your PJs on and order a pizza then do you too. Thank you
so much for reading. I feel so much better after writing this, it's something I've been wanting to write
for a long time. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful. Lots of loves,

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