Monday, 10 September 2018

Goals for My Blog

I've seen quite a few other bloggers doing these kinds of posts lately and it's really inspired me to set some goals for my blog. For a long time, I wasn't really focusing on my blog - I would just rush posts in order for them to be written. However, I've been really trying to get my blogging act together lately. A little hint of how organised I've been lately is the fact that this post was actually written a month ago.

➸ 10k views by the end of the year
I'd really love to see my blog hit a nice round number before the year goes out. I currently have around 8.5k views on my blog so I thought that 10k was a nice, achievable figure. I'm just going to continue to promote my posts on Twitter because that really helps out!

➸ Get all of my content planned up until the end of the year
I already have all of my post ideas for each week written down so now I just have to plan, write and schedule them. I'm really loving planning ahead, it's keeping me on track. Before I would just write a post in the morning and publish it with a crap photo but now I'm putting loads of time and effort into my content.

➸ Revamp my Instagram
Once again, I'm not happy with my Instragram. Honestly, I delete it so often and it's something that I'm really trying to move away from doing this. I always feel like my feed looks so messy in comparison to any other people's feeds. I just need to stop comparing myself to other people really. I'm already in the process of planning my lil September revamp which is going really well.

➸ Look into going self-hosted
I've been feeling very intrigued about going self-hosted lately and I really want to look into it more. I'm not sure if it's something I'm ready to do just yet but I really want to gather some information about it that might help me when I chose to make the switch.

And, that's it for my blog goals. I don't want to set too many because I don't want to overwhelm myself but I'm sure I can achieve all of these with some hard work and consistency. What are your blog goals? Thank you so much for reading. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.
"Do something today that your future self will thank you for" - Unknown
Lots of loves,


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