Hello there lovely, welcome to my little page about me. I hope here you can learn a little more about myself and my blog. 

I'm Katie Yvonne and I'm nineteen. I'm from a little town in the West Midlands. I'm currently at university studying Media and Sociology. I started my blog as a little hobby and it's ended up turning into something that I've developed a lot of passion for. I've tried blogging a few times but for some reason, it never stuck. I don't know why but this attempt has. One of my favourite things is sitting myself down and writing posts. I am currently discovering myself, doing some soul searching. My blog has really helped me delve more into myself and learn about myself more. I love that I get to grow alongside my blog. 

I write about a lot of things really but I've discovered that I fit comfortably into the 'lifestyle' genre of blogs. However, I still love wriggling into other genres such as beauty and student life. I've really enjoyed honing my niche since restarting my blog. I plan to talk about more of my own personal experiences on my blog, something that I've been a little frightened to do for a while. My love for my corner of the internet just keeps growing and growing as I write more. I love the feeling of clicking 'Publish' and seeing something that I'm proud of and that I created to be seen by people around the world. I post on Mondays and (maybe) Fridays so keep your eyes peeled for new posts on them days, When I relaunch my YouTube channel in August I plan on uploading on a Sunday. Hopefully, this sticks.

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