Like most of us, I started off 2018 with the best intentions to ditch the drama, sleep longer and be healthier and honestly, it lasted quite a while (for me). However, I fell off the motivational wagon and as I tried to get back on I got stuck under a wheel and I’ve pretty much been crushed. Dramatic, right? I felt so ashamed for having broken the promises I’d made to myself. I’d re-adopted the habits I’d put effort into breaking for the better. As crappy as I feel about this I realise I’m only human and things won’t always be easy. In this post, I will be giving you little tips and tricks on how to have a little reset.


This is definitely the first thing you need to put focus into. I truly believe that when you forgive yourself you become a stronger person. Don’t continue to make yourself feel bad for the fact that you lost your motivation for a little while, feel proud of the fact that you’re willing to try again and start achieving your goals. If this isn’t the first thing you do then I think it will be difficult for you to move on.


After forgiving yourself, you need to let go of it. Don’t continue to dwell on it and beat yourself up about it. Just switch your focus to yourself and what you want to achieve. Forgive and forget the fact that you felt demotivated for a little bit. The more you think about it, the worse you’re going to feel and then the less motivated you’re going to feel.


Plans are such a huge part of my life, they help me keep a focus on what it is I want out of life. I know that when I’m working to a plan I have a high success rate because I have a step by step guide as to how I’m going to do what it is I’m achieving.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this can help you get back on track. Please remember, there is no shame in needing to restart. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

Lots of loves,


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