You will never understand how proud I am of the alliteration in that title. I feel like Mondays have a bad rep. Personally, I love Monday as I see it as an opportunity to reset and start afresh. I’m going to try my best throughout this post to convince you that there are ways to make Monday a magical day of the week. Notice I’m posting this on a Friday so that you have all weekend to prepare for your Monday? Aunty Katie’s got your back, don’t worry!


When you constantly grumble about how you hate Mondays, then guess what? You’re not going to enjoy them. It’s just a simple fact. Start seeing it as a positive day. Full of new opportunities, chances and moments for you to relish in. I understand I sound like a ball of cringe however believe me. Dressing Monday up as your favourite day of the week will help you enjoy them. Fake it til you make it, ladies and gents.


Attach an event or activity to Monday. It may be your day to bake, do Pilates, clean your room etc. Importantly, when you give Monday a specific task to go with it then the Monday blues begin to disappear. It’s no longer mundane Monday, it’s the day you get to make that new peanut butter cookie recipe you found on Pinterest or do that new yoga flow you saw on YouTube by BohoBeautiful. Certainly, if you work full-time then this may be difficult but there are ways around it like make Mondays the day you do have a candlelit bath with a bath bomb etc.


Although I understand I’m going against every human instinct when I say do not hit snooze on Mondays, under any circumstance. After a weekend of absent alarms and lay-ins, it can be difficult to roll out of bed bright and early and full of positivity. However, I can almost guarantee that if you just hop out of bed when your alarm goes off that you will skip that morning grogginess phase. Once you start doing this for a few days, the pain of being warm and toasty for the next nine minutes before your alarm blares again is not sorely missed, I promise.


This makes my Mondays. I put this playlist on, have a little boogie around my bedroom and it just sets me up for a good day. Whether it’s Taylor Swift or Metallica that gets you hyped up then you should try this. Remember however if you’re playing your music out loud be aware of neighbours or people you live with because they may not share your enthusiasm for the morning. A little gets the blood a-flowing and the good vibes a-going.


*inserts photo of Scar on a cliff edge with hyenas singing around him*. Planning is one hundred per cent the best way to ensure that your Monday is as stress-free as humanly possible. It saves time, worrying and energy. Get your outfit set out, chose your makeup/skincare products for the day ahead, pack your bag etc. Whatever you can do that means your Monday will be easier to cope with is good. I love planning my outfit the night before because it saves me ripping my drawers apart to put something decent together.

Thank you so much for reading. Hopefully, this post can help you enjoy your dreaded start to the week a little more. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

Lots of loves,


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