This post is suuuper late but it’s still spring so I thought I’d post it! Monthly goals just don’t work for me and yearly goals seem to take ages to complete so I thought I’d use the seasons to set out my goals. They usually last about three months which seems a good amount of time to achieve something in. There are three sections mind, body and soul. Mind is all about stuff to do with having a clear head. Body is to do with my health and fitness. Soul is kind of all across the board – just stuff that makes my lil soul happy.  Anyway, let’s get into my plans.


〜 #1: Think more positively. This is a huge one for me as I usually think about all the negatives before the positives reach my mind so this is a major focus for me.

〜 #2: Meditate daily. I’ve been slacking in my meditation lately so I need to start doing it again because the difference it made to my mood was amazing.

〜 #3: Journal more often. Journalling is only something I do when I’m in a bad mood but I think it’d be good for me to write a page or so when the day ends just so I can empty my head before bed.

〜 #4: Get reorganised with uni. When I started university last year I was so prepared and organised, this showed in my grades from the first semester because they were all pretty good. Lately, I’ve been a bit lazy so I need to get my arse back into gear and stay ahead of myself.


〜 #1: Go to the gym more. I joined the gym at the end of March and I’ve been a few times but I haven’t yet worked into my schedule lately so I need to get on that soon. Going to the gym honestly made me feel loads better so I need to get into it.

〜 #2: Eat more homemade food. Cooking is something I’ve recently fallen in love with. It’s so satisfying to see the flavours come to life. It also means I eat better because I actually put healthy food in my dishes rather than shove a pizza in the oven for twenty minutes.

〜 #3: Practice yoga more often. Yoga is just the greatest thing ever. Like it solves all problems, for real. I always feel so much better when I’ve been doing yoga, moving, in general, is just so much easier.

〜 #4: Set up a proper sleep routine. My sleeping pattern is so dead right now. Some nights I’m asleep by 10pm and others I’m up until 3am contemplating every life decision ever.


〜 #1: Start checking my horoscope more. I know this seems a bit woo-woo but I’ve always been interested in horoscopes. I do believe that I share a lot of characteristics with my sign, Scorpio – I spoke about that in this post.

〜 #2: Move my phone away from me when I’m in bed. I have a really bad habit of going on my phone loads before bed and it really messes up my sleeping pattern. Moving it away will stop me spending my morning on social media.

〜 #3: Practice learning my tarot cards. I got my tarot cards for Christmas and I’ve done a few readings for my Mom and sister. However, I still rely on my guide and I hope one day I won’t need the guide so much.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post! I really loved writing this, it gave me such a surge of motivation for what’s to come this season. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

Lots of loves,


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