I often find myself laughing at how much I remind myself of a little old lady. On a Saturday night, you’ll find me with a hot chocolate and a good book rather than out on the town. I’m just not your typical ‘going out’ type of person and I’m okay with that. Drinking has never really bothered me.

It’s hit me recently just how different I am to most people around my age and I found it getting me down for a little bit. I have no ‘squad’, no nights out etc. After trying to convince myself that I do want to go out. It just hit me that I’m not like that. I’m the kind of person who would prefer to go around Edinburgh looking at historical sights rather than go for a girls holiday in Ibiza and party. That’s just me.

I’m not at all saying that people who do go out and party are below me or that I think I’m superior because I really don’t feel that way. My point is that I’ve convinced myself that I’m weird because I don’t do that stuff.  Sometimes for a second, I manage to convince myself that going out is something I should be doing at my age. I have people tell me all the time how I’m missing out on the best years of my life. But, I don’t feel that way. I like my quiet weekends in. And please don’t get it twisted, just because I’m not a clubbing gal doesn’t mean that Echo Falls Summer Fruits and I aren’t best friends. I love to sip on a glass of wine and pure orange juice (my fave combo) every so often.

I think a big reason why I’m not a huge drinker is that I’d go to the pubs on a weekend with my Grandad or Dad while they played darts. I’d sit near the bar with a Panda Pop and a Pepperami. So the whole idea of drinking wasn’t new to me. I’d been to pubs almost all my life. Honestly, drunk people are my least favourite people.

I think that the moral of this blog post is that you should embrace who you are. Don’t let other people or yourself convince you to change what you like. If you love a weekend of drinking and kebabs, do that. If you like to watch crime documentaries with a glass of wine, do that too. Allow yourself to enjoy what you love. Have a drink on me and have a lovely day.

Lots of loves,


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