Ever since my little bee stings starting growing around age eleven, I’ve been told that it is imperative that I wear a bra every day. I’m guessing that most ladies have had this experience when growing up. I have experimented with going braless while leaving the house and honestly it was liberating. It felt loads better than having some uncomfortable wires digging into my sides. It’s now officially been a month since I have worn a properly wired bra. I’ve worn a few bralettes and sports bras but no actual bras for a whole thirty days.

woman wearing top with no bra

I was quite an early bloomer, I started developing at around year six at school and this was super embarrassing. The other girls weren’t really developing yet so I felt really alienated in this sense. I have always been a bigger chested gal and truthfully, I’ve never really enjoyed it. Wearing a bra has never ever been something I’ve enjoyed but I’ve always felt like I had to. Recently, I’ve started going out without a bra on and it’s so much nicer. Especially since the weather has started getting warmer – no more boob sweat collecting under my underwire (too much info?).

I have had a few comments and weird looks here and there but these are easy enough to ignore. My sister said to me while we were on a meal out at people could see my nipple when it was a little cold and I just shook it off because it’s normal. Nipples get hard when they’re cold, if you don’t like the sight of it, don’t look at my boobs. I also got told you could see my boobs wobbling as I walked. Baring in mind that I usually wear a 40DD bra, you’re going to see my boobs wobble, they won’t just disappear. If I’m 100% truthful, the jiggle while I’m walking makes me feel like a confident woman and I have every right to feel that way.


+ It’s ten times comfier to not wear a bra. No awkward wires, annoying straps etc.

+ My clothes feel like they fit better. My clothes look and feel much better on me for some reason.

+ Less money spent on bras. Not having to spend £18 on a bra is a bliss feeling.

+ Stronger boobies, contrary to popular belief not wearing a bra actually stops your breasts sagging so much as bras weaken the muscles that hold your ladies up.

Comments can get a little annoying but you just have to ignore them.

Missing out on that ‘bras coming off’ feeling after a long day. However, I feel it all day so I’m not missing out on too much.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we all meet up and burn our bras but maybe just try a day with no bra. The freedom you feel will be unparalleled. Whether your girls are on the smaller or larger side, embrace them and give them a day off. Thank you so much for reading. I’m feeling loads better now that I am back on blogging game. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

Lots of loves,


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