It’s finally autumn and I could not be happier about it. This is by far my favourite season of them all and after the summer we’ve had I could do with some chilly weather. I did a similar post to this where for Spring and I did okay at achieving some of the goals I set but I could’ve done loads better. I’m really motivated to get these goals smashed. I’m really trying to better myself.


➸ #1: Spend more time off my phone – Recently I’ve been trying to stay off my phone a little bit more and it’s been going very well so I’m going to carry this on into the new season. I’ve also turned my notifications off for Twitter and Instagram and completely deleted Facebook off my phone. Now, I spend much less time pointlessly scrolling when I could be busy.

➸ #2: Actually write in my journal – My head is usually filled with loads and loads of thoughts. Whether it’s post ideas, song lyrics, conspiracy theories etc so for me journalling is a way to get all my thoughts and ideas out onto paper.
➸ #3: Meditate more – I always feel much calmer when I meditate and just sit in the quiet for a moment. Playing some ambient sounds always puts me right in the mood too, I love it.


➸ #1: Do some more yoga – I’m setting myself the challenge of doing daily yoga for 21 days in order to build a habit out of it and I’m super excited. I can’t wait to see my body get stronger and more flexible over time.
➸ #2: Start walking more – My goal is 10k steps a day and I’ve been really slacking lately. In March, I did 10k steps a day for 31 days and I felt so much better for it. I’m super motivated to get back into it though.
➸ #3: Rejoin the gym – I actually miss my early morning sessions at the gym which seems a little strange but it’s true. I actually conquered my fear of gyms and I’m proud.


➸ #1: Forgive myself more – I have a really hard time forgiving myself, even for really small things. So before 2019, I’d really love to work on my relationship with myself which sounds a little strange but it’s SO important.

➸ #2: Research Astrology more – I’ve done a lot of exploring of Astrology lately. Especially my own natal chart which I didn’t even know existed before doing some research. It’s such an interesting topic and I can’t wait to learn some more.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I love writing these kinds of posts so much as they help keep me accountable! I’ll do another one in the winter so keep your eyes peeled for that. Have a lovely and stay beautiful.

“Autumn is the second spring when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus

Lots of loves,


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