Lists are the bread and butter of my life. Without list-making, I genuinely think that my life would fall apart. So, in the true fashion of someone who’s obsessed with lists, I thought I’d make you a list of the lists that make it much easier to function.


This is such a basic list but also so helpful. Setting out my intentions and plans for the week really makes big tasks feel less overwhelming. I find this especially helpful when I’m at university and I have a big workload. Colour-coding this list also helps a bunch. I can see what tasks I have for uni, home, blogging etc. Take half an hour on a Sunday evening to write down all your plans & tasks for the week ahead. I guarantee your week will run so much smoother when doing this.


Until I made my packing list, I never really understood how much it would help my life so much. When I see Liam we do a lot of travelling around depending whether we stay up North or in my hometown and I’d always spend a few days before trying to organise my bag and checking it a million times to make sure I have all I need. I have now created a list of all the things I need when I travel and it’s made the process so much easier.


I think I made a post on this before I revamped my blog so I may have to rewrite it. Basically, it’s all the things that I don’t want to do. A lot of these are based upon unhealthy habits I have such as comparing myself to others, putting myself down etc. Just anything that negatively affects my health and wellbeing. Doing this has helped me be more aware of how I treat myself which is super important.


THIS IS THE BEST LIST EVER. Right so, what I do is I write down the steps that it takes in order to complete a task. For example, when writing a blog post I plan it, write it up, take/edit the photos for it, schedule etc. Breaking the tasks down into little steps makes the process feel a lot more manageable. Since doing this I’ve been on a roll with pretty much everything in life. I cannot wait to put this into use on essays when uni starts again next week!


For a long time, I’ve seen loads of people talking about gratitude lists. Lots of them have a gratitude journal and for a while, I’ve wanted to try it. So I gave it a go and it is such a wonderful idea. Every night before bed I like to write down three things I’m grateful for – sometimes they’re big things and other times they’re small and almost trivial but nonetheless, I am grateful for them.

Thank you so much for reading my list of lists. Is there any lists you have that make your life easier? If so, I’d love to know what they are. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“Lists are a form of power” – A.S Byatt

Lots of loves,


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