Being eco-savvy is becoming more and more important in our day to day life because the planet is literally screaming out for our help. There are so many things we can do daily that can really help our environment. I know that I will probably get some eye-rolls from people reading this but let me tell you, before 2018, I was one of you eye-rollers. I really didn’t give much mind at all to how my actions alone could damage the planet. Then I stumbled upon this playlist on YouTube. I decided to do a little bit of research and look into how I could become more friendly to the beautiful planet we call home.


There is an estimate that 50% of plastic items are used once and then disposed of. This to me is such a crazy thing because it’s just so wasteful! I am no angel when it comes to this though. I have used single-use plastic before with no thought for what it would be doing to the environment. Recently, I’ve tried to make some changes to the items that I use. I bought myself some metal straws, shopping totes and a few other things. I’m not perfect at all when it comes to this but I am trying my best to minimise the amount of waste I create.


Almost everything we buy is covered or carried in plastic, which can be a problem when you’re trying to be a more eco-friendly person. I have found recently that the empty plastic bottles from beauty products are amazing to repurpose for a new use. I just clean them out and put something new in there. Doing this has actually made me find my spark for DIY beauty products which is a bonus as it saves both money and waste. I’ve been making toner mists, face masks and body scrubs at home so keep your peepers peeled for a blog post with some recipes for these items coming soon-ish.


I am guilty of being the type of person who takes their phone off charge in the morning and doesn’t turn the plug off even though I know I probably won’t use it until later on. We recently got a Smart Meter for our gas and electric in our house which has made it loads easier to be more conscious of how much we use. Doing little things like turning off plugs when they’re not in use or turning lights off if you’re leaving the house can make a huge difference. I know you’ve probably heard things like this be said before but so many of us forget (including me).


I have such a huge issue with people buying plastic water bottles constantly when they could just buy ONE bottle and use it every day. Water bottles are not expensive at all. I don’t understand why people will pay £1 for something they could get for free from their tap. And yes, I understand not everyone’s council pop tastes brilliant but water filters also exist so there’s no excuse really. If you do
nothing else to help the environment, at least get a bloody water bottle.


Fast trends plague the consumer world these days. People love fads, this included me. I’m the queen of fads. However, I’m trying to be better. Being a blogger you see a lot of trends come and go. Embroidered clothes, Birkenstocks, etc. It’s hard not to get sucked into the world of fast fashion and things like that but when you see the impact things like this have on the planet. It doesn’t really seem worth it. Of course, I would never tell anyone else to stop buying into these trends because that’s their own choice but personally, I’m trying to buy things that are not going to collect dust once the trend fades away.

Thank you so much for reading, this post is so different from anything I would usually write but it’s important so I wanted to post it! Sorry about my lil’ water bottle rant but it irks me slightly haha. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth” – Marlee Matlin.

Lots of loves,


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