If you’re looking to be organised this month in order to smash goals and get shit done then Aunty Katie has you covered. Over the last year or so, I’ve really cultivated my planning process and narrowed down exactly what it is that helps me stay as organised as humanly possible. These four tips are what I’ve managed to narrow them down to.


This is the best place to start when you want to plan out your month. I write down absolutely everything that is happening in the month ahead. Usually, I put birthdays, events, blog posts, uni tasks etc but you can personalise your overview of what goes on for you. I find it really helpful to know what will be going on for the whole month because it gives me a chance to organise myself around it all so that I have enough time to do the tasks but also it gives me time to do things for myself. It’s always important to ensure that no matter how much you have going on that you always have some time to take care of yourself.


I would say that this is one of the things that keeps me as organised as I can be. I’ve found that doing tasks in order of importance really helps keep me in check when it comes to having my month run smoothly. For example, because I am at university during October then my university work such as assignments, reading and lectures etc tend to take priority over other tasks.


Ah, colour coding, every planners favourite weapon when staying on track. All of my paper planners and my Google calendar are all colour coded. This is again, another thing that really keeps me on track. I can see clearly every month what I need to do and how many tasks that there are under that specific topic. My topics include uni, chores, blog, self & events. Of course, you can use whatever categories work best for you depending on what you have going on.



This post was written up in August so it’s pretty clear I like to stay ahead of myself. I’m exactly the same with university and other things too. Even if you just plan a week ahead, it’s still an effort to stay ahead of yourself. This way I feel a lot calmer when it comes to approaching any bigger tasks.

I’d just like to add that I’m not always super organised and ahead of myself. I, like everyone, go through motivational slumps where I just can’t be bothered to do anything. In fact, I’ve just come out of a slump like that. The past few months (June & July) I’ve felt really demotivated and just a bit ‘meh’. So even if you’re going through something like that then don’t worry because things do get better, just start off by getting little tasks done like planning one blog post or reorganising one drawer and as you start to build momentum just keep on going.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this post can be helpful! If you have any questions or even tips for me to try then please feel free to comment them below. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” – Alan Lakein

Lots of loves,


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