Yay! It’s my blogs second birthday which is actually quite an achievement for me as I was pretty close to giving up on my blog not so long ago. I’ve learned a lot during these two years of blogging and I still have a ton to learn. In this post, I’m going to give you a few pointers that I really wish I’d known before getting into blogging.

Behold, the blogger in her natural habitat.


You will have heard this a million times but that’s only because it’s true. When you put too much emphasis on numbers of views, followers, likes etc then blogging becomes a big black hole that sucks the fun out of your passion. Now, I’m not suggesting that numbers aren’t important at all because they are. You will eventually find the ‘Goldilocks’ of your emphasis on numbers – you’ll learn how often you can cope with looking at your numbers without it being overwhelming.


Apparently, my 2016 blogging self didn’t understand that just how important it is to have consistency when it comes to blogging. Not just with posts, but also with how you brand yourself. I would never ever have posts planned and I spared no thought to sporadically my posts would be uploaded. However, earlier this year I started planning and being more consistent with all aspects of blogging and the work has paid off.


One thing I love seeing when I put my heart into something is growth. Seeing myself progress makes something feel so worthwhile to me because I’m a very progress-motivated person. The first blog post I wrote was terrible, it had no photos in it and I just hadn’t found my footing in the blogosphere yet. It took some time for me to realise what I wanted to blog about.


This seems kind of vague but let me explain when I first started my blog I really didn’t care too much about my blog photography. Let the photo below be an example of that. I just didn’t pay much mind to what my photos looked like but after a while, I realised that photos really advertise your blog posts. I’ve really come into my own regarding blog photography lately and I’m starting to become more confident with it. Although I feel like I still have loads to learn, practising often has boosted my confidence tenfold.


The blogging industry is huge and there are some bloggers out there who are absolutely killing it on the daily! Sometimes this can spark a little jealousy in people. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been jealous of other bloggers before. Looking back on that now, I feel silly but I’ve really shifted my perception in the last two years. I now turn that jealousy into inspiration. I use it to say to myself “Look how amazing they’re doing, I really aspire to be as brilliant as they are”.

Thank you so much for reading! Not just this post but also all my other posts. I know I’m not a huge blogger but seeing them views climb up every week makes my heart happier than any of you will ever know. I hope you have a lovely week and stay beautiful. Here’s to many more years blogging.

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today” – Tim Fargo

Lots of loves,


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