I’ve seen the question about balancing blogging and studying quite a lot lately. It’s no surprise why because it can be a pain in the arse to give both equal attention. Honestly, I know this because I went through this last year when I had just started my first year of university. I was overwhelmed by these new changes in my life and I just didn’t focus on my blog. I was rushing posts, skipping weeks that I couldn’t be bothered to write on etc.

This lead to me just deleting everything on my blog in February, I speak more about that in this post if you’re interested. Anyway, I decided to give myself a fresh start. Since then I’ve learned how to balance my passion for blogging with my passion for my studies. Please note, I will be referring to university in this as that’s where I am in education. Just replace the word ‘univeristy’ with school or college if that’s the level you’re at.


When your new timetable is up and you have an idea of when you’re in then this is the best place to start. I try to keep days when I work on my blog and on my uni work separate so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. For example, I’m in university on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this semester which means that Tuesday and Friday are my days where I focus solely on my blog. Saturday and Sunday are the days when I do my readings for uni or take blog photos or just do whatever needs doing. Just give yourself a little schedule so you know what days to focus on what to keep you in check.


Breaking tasks down for me makes them seem a lot more manageable and it makes them seem a lot less overwhelming when we look at the tasks. I have a post on how I plan my blog posts and I follow this structure every single time. I know that it works, I know it shaves time off blogging and I know it’s manageable. It’s the same kind of layout for when I do assignments for university. Having a knowledge of the little steps you have to take in order to get a big task done makes stuff seem so much easier.


This tip refers to blogging a little more but it’s equally as important. I try to always have blog ideas written down in my notes that I can write. I’ll sometimes sit and draft a blog post and save it for a day when the bloggers’ block hits hard. This helps me especially around assignment time because I don’t really have time to be thinking of posts to write so I can just open my notes and start writing one of my ideas.


There are some superhuman bloggers who manage to post daily while doing their studies but unfortunately, not all of us can do that and that’s just fine. I like to ensure that I’m a month ahead with my posts so that I am comfortable with how far ahead I am. Some people might prefer to be more planned or less planned and it’s completely up to you but always be realistic, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


Don’t try to put too much on your plate. When you burn yourself out it’s likely that both your blog and your studies may end up being neglected. When I have a half day at university once I get home, I do absolutely nothing related to blog or university. I spend the rest of that day relaxing, tidying, watching YouTube etc.

You really don’t need to be Miley for your studies and Hannah for your blog. You can just be one person. Don’t ever feel like you have to give up one passion for another, just learn how to manage your passions. Thank you so much for reading. I hope that this post is able to give you a hand in finding the balance between your blog and your education.

“Balance in life is the key to everything” – Bryant McGill.

Lots of loves,


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