It’s time to say goodbye to twenty-eighteen and I am honestly just as excited as I am apprehensive. This year has taught me many good lessons, some were harder to learn than others but I understand that lessons are not always easy. For the first time in a long time, I am really happy with how my year has gone. I didn’t achieve nearly everything that I wanted to but my effort this year was so much better than most years!

Out of the nearly 200 photos I took of the fireworks this was the only decent one.

I spoke a little bit about my achievements in 2018 in this post but I wanted to go into depth about what 2018 has brought me and what I hope that 2019 brings. 2018 has been kind to me if I’m completely honest. I’m lucky to have not suffered any losses or major emotional turmoil this year. That is not to say that 2018 has been easy. It has been anything but easy and that’s okay because you don’t learn anything when the lessons are easy.


One of the first lessons this year taught me was that I need to start being better with my finances.  Being a student, I get my loan every few months and that money (like all money for me) burns a hole in my pocket. I have always been terrible with money and everyone around me knows this about me. But I’m coming to a time in my life now where I need to start being more careful with my money. For about four months of this year, I was completely broke and it was really eyeopening. I almost feel like I needed that experience made me realise just how much I need to grow up when it comes to my money.


Conquering my anxiety was a huuuuge task on my 2018 to-do list and I am so freakin’ proud to say that I have smashed it. I’ve worked really hard in stepping out of my comfort zones. Doing things such as shopping alone and going around a new place by myself. If you would have told me this time last year that I would be fine going around places by myself, I would’ve looked at you in disbelief. Working on my meditation and grounding techniques has really, really helped me with doing this.


I have also put a lot of thought into how I think about my health journey this year. I’ve started looking at it as health gains rather than weight loss. I want to gain health, gain muscle, gain confidence and also gain a lil’ bit of booty. Changing my outlook like this has really made me feel so much more motivated to start working on myself and giving myself the life I deserve. I already have my gym membership set up for the next three months so I cannot wait to start this new journey of mine in 2019.


I started thinking a lot more about how my actions impact the planet we live on this year. I’ve started to do a lot of things that help me reduce my carbon footprint. I already know a few people may roll their eyes at this but I think it’s genuinely important that we all start doing little things that reduce our waste, energy usage etc. A few things I’ve done is started upcycling things, donating rather than throwing away, started using a reusable water bottle and coffee cup and stopped buying into fast fashion and trends that don’t stick around for too long. Next year, I plan on doing a lot more stuff like this and I have a few post ideas for it!


Last but not least, my blog has come very far in 2018. I don’t mean this is in the way of sponsored content or brand deals or big numbers etc. My passion and dedication to my blog have increased ten-fold during this year. I’ve started putting a lot more effort into my blog and I’ve even started investing some money into it. I am super excited to see what 2019 is going to bring for Katie Yvonne. I am also very excited to share some of the content that I have planned for you next year.

Thank you so much for reading my last post of 2018 and also, thank you for coming on this journey with me. I feel like I have grown so much this past year and I’m excited to grow more in 2019 and have you folks grow along with me. I hope you all have a smashing new year. See you tomorrow for the start of Bloguary. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been seen” – Rainer Maria Rilke.

Lots of loves and a Happy New Year,


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