If you’re anything like me then your phone is constantly screaming at you because you’re low on storage. I find it always tells me I have no storage when I really needed to take the photo for my Instagram or blog. Can you feel my pain? As a blogger, my phone is often full of stuff such as photos for posts, lists of ideas for blog posts, etc. In September, I got a new phone and I promised myself that I would try my best to keep my phone as minimal as possible. I am always going through my phone and trying to keep it as neat and orderly as possible and for the last three months, I’ve been doing an alright job.


Every week, mostly on a Sunday, I go through my phone and delete things that I no longer need to keep. Examples of these things are messages between yourself and others, funny memes that you’ve sent to friends, emails, etc. Doing this every so often, just makes sure that your phone doesn’t end up getting full of junk. It also keeps your phone running smoothly, I’m sure we all know the pain of a slow-running phone.


I’m in a long distance relationship so keeping messages, photos, etc on my phone is something I’ve done for the last three years as a way to keep my boyfriend close. I’ve stopped doing this so much now because my phone was getting clogged up. Also, delete your emails, emails pile up so quickly so make sure you’re cleaning your inbox regularly.


I will constantly hoard apps that I never ever use and just let them sit there for months dormant. Only having clicked on them once to check it out after it had downloaded. When I looked through my storage on my phone I saw that a lot of it was being taken up by apps that I hardly ever used.  I go through every few weeks or so and just have a cull of all the apps I’ve not used in a while.


When I first got with Liam, none of his apps were in folders and it really bugged me. With a lot of urging and perseverance, I finally convinced him to put them all into folders and I know he loves it that way. Doing this just makes a bit easier to get to the apps that you need quickly. I have a folder for social media, blogging, uni etc and it makes my phone loads easier to use.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that this post can maybe help you keep your phone a little bit more organised.  If you have any tips I could use to make my phone more organised. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“Good organising is not about changing your personality – just your habits” – Unknown

Lots of loves,


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