Growing as a person is the spice of my life. Kinda like smoked paprika aka my favourite spice. My whole blog is based around helping myself and others develop into the best versions of ourselves. Some people think of their personal growth in the same way as their physical growth. There’s only so much we can grow physically before our bodies are like, nah no more of that hun. But with personal growth, there are absolutely no limits as to how much growing we can do. This is where our problem arises. We tend to not allow ourselves to grow. It’s scary. It’s too much effort. People may not like the new you. Bleugh.

Never you fear though because as per, Aunty Kates is here with some advice and tips for ya. Ain’t I good to you? From ages thirteen to seventeen, I was the same person. Messy, unmotivated, average achiever etc. I hate to say it about myself but I was mediocre. I started watching YouTubers live Lavendaire, Muchelle B and a few others who had these super-productive lives and I was so intrigued by this. Quickly, I started internalising some of the habits they would speak about. Y’know eight cups of water, three things you’re grateful for etc. These things were just simple, but it was what I was doing. It was the fact that I was opening myself up to change. I was willing to take on the things people were recommended for a more intentional, simplified and mindful life. I was giving myself leeway to grow.


I find a lot of the times that people aren’t willing to give themselves that leeway. Everyone has a different reason for this and every reason is completely valid. I was reluctant at first. This is because as humans, we are innately attracted to habits and routines. When we get into a routine of going to bed and waking up early feeling like utter shite, after a few weeks that becomes our norm. Shite mornings are what we come to expect. But why should you wake up day-in-day-out feeling like stuck in this rut? You shouldn’t wake up every single morning feeling crappy. Going to uni or work feeling like a big bag of nope. You deserve better than that. You deserve to start and finish your day with a smile like the sun shines out of your behind. Believe me, you owe that to yourself.


My advice? Figure out what it is that is about you that you could improve on. This is such an important part of the process because if you don’t know what’s making you feel meh then you can’t fix it. For me, it was how unorganised I was in every aspect of life. So, I started filing things properly. Items had a home, schedules were created, and lists were made. Just by jigging up a few things I found myself becoming less stressed out about silly things like buying birthday cards. Sometimes it’s not as easy to pinpoint what you’d like to switch up but if you start to be more aware of your daily activities, you’ll come across it. You might be in the car on the way to work and be like “BOOM. I know what it is, I feel like I never celebrate the little wins so I feel like a failure all the time”.


Now you have an idea of what your problem is. You feel a little disappointed with your progress in life because smaller victories aren’t celebrated enough. The plan of action is to write down or think of three little wins you had today – even if one was getting out of bed. Celebrate yourself, you’re absolutely bloody amazing. Is it always that easy? Yes and no. When you think about growing and developing into a better person as a chore it can be extremely unenjoyable, trust me, I’ve been there. But when you turn it into this amazing thing like “look at the effort I’m putting into myself, for myself”. It becomes something to be really proud of. We’re so quick to be happy for others when they make an effort to make themselves better but we’re hardly ever so proud of ourselves.


In the summer I wanted to become more of a morning person. I wanted to be that person I mentioned before who’s so happy you’d think the sun was shining out of their arse. So I, cold turkey may I add, started getting up at 6 am. And I know you early birds are snickering at me right now, but it was so hard. I went from getting up around 8/9 am to three hours earlier with absolutely no preparation. Luckily, my bestie aka the snooze button was there to coax me back to safety. The problem was I just jumped into that new habit and expected it to stick and it didn’t. The moral of the story is take it slowly. If getting up earlier is your goal, set your alarm an hour earlier for a week, then earlier again the next week and so on until you reach your goal wakeup time and adjust to it.


It’s not easy to make the decision to grow. We all have other things to be doing like uni, work, raising a family etc. So, when you decide to set aside some time for yourself in order to cultivate the person you want to be then you should give yourself a pat on the back. Most people are happy (or not) living their same-y lives, settled for waking up feeling crappy and going to bed feeling crappier. But not you, you want to change and grown and become the best version of yourself. For that, I think you deserve to be proud of yourself.

Thank you so much for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this post. See you tomorrow for the next one! Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person” – Scott Sorrell.

Lots of loves,


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