I decided to compile all of my Bloguary posts so that you lovelies can have a gander at what’s been going on this month. I’m so proud of myself for actually posting every single day!

Introduction to Bloguary

Setting Reasonable Resolutions

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Allowing Space to Grow

Keeping the Momentum Going

Five Things I’m Not Buying into in 2019

Why Uni Was the Right Choice for Me

Smashing the Semester

Slaying Your Library Day

What I Do on My Days Off Uni

Self-Care While Studying

Saving Money While at Uni

Pros and Cons of Going to Uni

What’s the Point in Blogging?

Five Tips for Bulk Blogging

So You Want to Start a Blog…Now What?

Why I Write About Self-Development

My (Very) Basic Insta Process

What Does My Blog Bring Me?

2019 Blog Goals

Taking a Day Off

Accepting That I’m an Introvert

Putting Your Positive Pants On

Personal Policies – What Are They & Why Do You Need Them?

Self-Care Isn’t Just Flowers & Face Masks

Learning to Say No

Five Simple Things I Do When I’m Feeling Down

Being a Lil’ More Self-Reliant

The Guilt of Getting Rid of People

Why I Wouldn’t Change my LDR for the World

Thank you for sticking with me throughout this lil’ month of blogging. I hope it’s been helpful for some of you. Thanks so much for reading. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret” – Patience Strong.

Lots of loves,


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