Self-care is a word thrown about these days, I, myself am guilty of this. It’s a phrase that I love because it encompasses so much. I am super passionate about self-care because I believe it’s one the ingredients for living a happy life. In some of my posts, I use self-care in a very liberal way but I am fully aware that self-care is often more than what we believe it is.


Even though I do suggest some woo-woo stuff in my self-care posts, I am a thousand per cent aware that sometimes just getting dressed is a task. Days like this are difficult and we have all had these days. It’s difficult to listen to someone like me who has no idea what’s going on in your life to tell you that having a bath is going to solve all of your problems. I know that it won’t but I’ll get onto the different kinds of self-care I think they are.


I’m a person who is constantly reflecting on their own actions, this post is an example of this. If you’ve read my previous posts all about self-care then you might think I’m a little ignorant to the real self-care that goes on. I’m really not ignorant, I promise. I sometimes struggle to write about ‘real’ self-care because I feel like I’m being somewhat condescending. Telling a group of adults that they need to brush their hair in order to feel good about their day but I want to try writing these posts more.


Earlier in the post, I said that I believed that there are two different types of self-care. These are called primary and secondary. For me, primary self-care refers to the important stuff such as brushing your teeth, making your bed, showering etc. On the other hand, secondary self-care is the more lovey-dovey stuff that I tend to write about such as meditation, face masks and bubble baths. Of course, the first type is the most important for everyday life. They are the simple things that keep you functioning properly. With this said, I still feel like the second type is just as important. This is because it’s that extra bit of self-love in your life.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this post had sense, it’s just a little think-piece that I’ve been dwelling on for a while. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“Self-care is giving the best of you instead of giving what’s left of you” – Katie Reed.

Lots of loves,


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