Sometimes, when you’re at university (or in another role that takes up a lot of time) then it can sometimes be difficult to remember to take time to look after yourself. This can sometimes lead down a spiral of treating yourself a little bit shoddily. I know I talk about self-care a lot on my blog but that’s because I feel like it’s such an important thing. I have struggled with looking after myself while being at uni but I have come up with a few tips that have been helping me look after my star player (aka myself).


Obvious much, Katie? It’s the truth when you think about it. When your self-care routine is hard to keep up with and ever-changing then it’s going to feel like a chore rather than being something you do to show yourself some love. I try and keep my self-care tasks as simple as can be so that it doesn’t hinder my normal daily schedule.


Self-care means a different thing for everyone. For some people simply getting out of bed in the morning is an act of self-care and then for others buying a bunch of flowers for themselves weekly. So although I may give you a few ideas in my posts on what you can do for self-care, please only do the stuff that you feel will make you feel shiny and new. I’ve tried other peoples activities for self-care and some of them just don’t float my boat. And that’s completely fine. Do you, boo.


I completely get it. We all sometimes feel some guilt for spending time on ourselves but I’ll never understand why this is. I get myself into a tizzy about spending 45 minutes in the bath doing a full-body shave, exfoliating and moisturising session but I feel like a freakin’ goddess when I’m finished so that 45 minutes is worth the hours of self-confidence I gain after.  I urge you to get rid of the guilt that can come along with putting yourself first. It’s not selfish, it’s self-care.


Studying can be hella stressful. Ask any student in any level of their academic journey and they will agree. So try your best to make your self-care routine something that invites you to blow off a little steam and chill you out. Have at least one task set up that you know is 100% a stress killer, something like running, journalling or listening to your angry playlist.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that this post can help you add a little more self-care into your student life. What’s your favourite self-care task? See you tomorrow for a brand new post! Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“What is done in love is done well” – Vincent Van Gogh

Lots of loves,


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