It’s the new year which means a new semester will be starting soon. If you’re like me and you’re still in the Chrimbo Limbo then you’re not looking forward to having your lie-ins robbed from you. Don’t worry, I feel your pain. Never fear though because I have a few lil’ tips that might just help you get back into the groove.


Would it be a blog post from me if I didn’t tell you to plan? I think not. That is only because it’s so important to do. Get your timetable written down first so that you know how your week will flow. After that, put all of your assignment or assessment dates into your diary so you know when to start planning for them. Also, put in any other dates relating to university such as social gatherings, workshops etc. I also like to make an effort to schedule in self-care and life admin days where I can get my life together a little. Don’t forget to schedule in a social life too!


Have a peek on your module guide and see if there are any compulsory texts you might need. Then check the library to see if you can loan it, or you can buy it. I tend to not buy a book unless I think it’s useful for the whole degree, mainly because I’m trying to be more frugal but also because if you only need it for a few weeks for an essay it seems pointless spending £40 on a book that you could just borrow for free. I know people who’ve never stepped foot in the library at university and them people frighten me.


Although it might seem a little early I like to take a quick look at assignment briefs in order to get an idea of what kind of things I’ll be doing this semester. If it’s an essay where I get to choose or create my own title, I prefer to see these earlier so that I can start making a decision as to what to focus on rather than rush to create a question and plan a week before the hand in date. If you’re extra like me then you might like to start planning (or even writing) your essay a little earlier so that you don’t get stressed out about the due date.


This kinda links to the first point I made but I thought it deserved its whole paragraph. I’ve made a promise to myself to go into the university library every other Saturday and spend a day in there catching up, planning and getting work done. I had a few library days in the last semester and they were so beneficial. I get distracted easily when working at home. so the little study pod devoid of anything remotely interesting is my perfect study spot. Later in the week, I have a blog post about library days if you’re interested in that!


Self-care is super important and sometimes when we’re drowning in readings, online discussions and assignments it’s hard to remember to take a little time for yourself. This is your friendly reminder to ensure that for at least half an hour a day, you are doing something you love in order to nurture yourself – whether that’s a run, a hot bubble bath or a run. Do something every day that makes you feel relaxed and makes your heart feel full.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this can help you get into gear for the new semester. I wish you all the best! Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they please” – Pythagoras.

Lots of loves,


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