It seems like we live in this “hyper-busy” society in which everyone is rushing around to get stuff done. We have no free time for social or leisure activities. Everyone is always on the go. Many of us have a million things going on at once whether it be a job, kids, a degree etc. There is so much on our plates. But in a way we kind of enjoy it? Strange people. Sometimes we just need to take some time off.


I have a particular day of the week where I try not to do too much work. So, first things first, pick your least busy day and turn that into your day off. Don’t go and choose your busiest day because how are you meant to relax with a metre long to-do list. Be realistic with yourself always.


For me, if it’s not in the diary then it’s not getting done – simple as that. Make it a full-blown day for yourself. This is a day where you let yourself have a little time to yourself and you deserve that so turn it into an event. I find this makes me take it a little more seriously but that might just be my sad self *sob*.


It’s not a Katie Yvonne blog post unless the word ‘plan’ is mentioned, let’s be real. Try not to plan this too heavily but just give your day a theme of some kind. Tidying is relaxing for me so I might pick my day off to be the day I get most of my cleaning done. Or maybe you could watch some Netflix shows as a normal person might.


I can’t have too many rest days because I start to get a little lax with my day to day life. This is why my day off is planned every fortnight on a Friday. That’s just enough of a space for me to feel relaxed but also not so frequent that it drags me into a black hole of laziness. Do whatever works for you with this.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe it served as a little reminder to take a day for yourself every so often. See you tomorrow for a new one. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“Taking time to do nothing often puts everything into perspective” – Doe Zantamata.

Lots of loves,


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