I’ve already told you what I want from my blog this week, now it’s time to see what my blog gives to me. My blog and I have this nice lil’ mutual relationship that works pretty well. I think that we all have mutual relationships with things in our lives and I kinda like that. Anyway, I’m going to stop yapping now and actually get into the post.


The first thing that I get from my blog is a hobby. I’ve mentioned before that I am terrible at sticking to hobbies. They usually last around a month or so before I give up. Blogging is different for some reason, it’s just really stuck. It’s become something that I am so passionate about. I’ve never actually loved doing something as much as I do blogging, I love the whole process.


Surprisingly, blogging has taught me a lot. Not just about the industry but also about myself. I’ve learned that I love seeing a process through from start to finish. I’ve learned how to take an idea and turn it into a piece of content. There are so many little things that I’ve picked up during my two years blogging.


I cannot explain to you how much confidence blogging has given me. It’s given me a lot more confidence in my ability to finish something properly. Blogging has given me the confidence to be more open with the things that I love. I’m trying to get a little more confidence with adding myself into blog¬†photos so maybe you’ll see more of me in 2019.


For the longest time, I had no real means of expression. I didn’t really have any means of creativity in my life which was kinda sad. Honestly, I really believe we all should have some kind of creative outlet in our lives. I write because I’m not very talented in any other ways haha.

Thank you for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blogging week of Bloguary, I’ve enjoyed writing these posts for you guys. See you tomorrow for a new post. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“Give back to the world at least what you’ve received” – Albert Einstein.

Lots of loves,


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