What I Do On My Days Off Uni

I absolutely love my days off uni. Mainly because I get a little bit of a lie-in but also because they are probably some of my most productive days. I have a goal to stay a little busier on my free days because once I spend one lazy Tuesday in bed watching Peaky Blinders then I want to spend every other day doing the same thing. Does anyone else get a little like this? While I like to get a lot done on these days, I also like to take a slowly and not put too much pressure on myself.


As I mentioned before, I like a good lie-in on my days off. I also like a nice, slow morning. I might get up and do a nice relaxing yoga flow or have a morning of journaling. I pretty much allow my mornings to be my free time to just do whatever I feel like doing. The reason I like a nice, easy morning is that when I overload myself with tasks in the morning I feel a little worn out earlier in the day.


After my easy morning, I like to crack on with my to-do list. Usually, I’ll get my cleaning done first so that’s putting a clothes wash on, hoovering, wiping the surfaces etc. for me, tidying up is the first task because I can’t concentrate properly when my space is a mess. It’s also probably the quickest thing to do so it gets it out of the way. After the room is tidy then I move on to the real tasks.


Next, I get on a little bit of uni work. I like to check that all of my notes are up to date and that I’ve clarified anything that I wasn’t too sure about. I might also do a bit of assignment work if I have something due soon. I find it’s really beneficial to get ahead with assignments so that it’s not stressful when deadlines come along all at once.


Once my bedroom is clean and I know that university has been dealt with I start working on my blog. This can mean doing a few things such as taking/editing photos, writing out posts or doing some social media planning. I like to get these things to do with my blog done on my days off so that when I have my days in uni I don’t have to stress about my blog.


This is the day where I like to get my meals together. I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to plan ahead with my meals. I often eat crappy foods because I can’t be bothered to cook but planning and prepping my meals makes it a lot easier to be healthy. I don’t go out of my way to meal prep I just make a bigger amount of what it is I’m already having for dinner and lunch.


After a day of getting organised and smashing to-do lists I like to have a bit of a wind-down in the afternoon. I might do some self-care bits or watch a few more episodes of Peaky Blinders because I’m obsessed with it at the moment. 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this post can help you plan your free days. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“Start every day off with a smile and get it over with” – W.C Fields.

Lots of loves,


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