I am a right nosey parker. Always have been, probably always will be. One of my favourite questions to ask is “why?”. So in this post, I’m going to be giving you a little insight as to why I write about self-development. My first and most obvious is because I want to…but why?


One of my passions in life is personal growth and improving ourselves. I just love that we can make choices every day that determine who we are and how people see us. I live my life with the intention of growing a little more everyday. So it’s easy for me to write about because I have such a fire for it.


Whilst being on my own journey of self-development it’s nice to have a little place where I can ensure that I’m making some progress. My blog is such a good way to make sure I’m on track because if not I’d be being super inauthentic and that doesn’t sit right with me. I schedule two posts a week usually so knowing I have to do that keeps me in check and motivated to complete my own goals.


When I write about growth and development one of my hopes is that my advice and experiences are able to help and inspire other people. The thought of even one person taking a good bit of advice from my blog fills my heart with happiness. I love to see people living their best lives.


Nattering is something I’m good at and I could natter about self-development forever. It’s not something I ever get bored of as I’m forever finding new ways to improve myself and grow a lil’ more which is so amazing. I truly believe we never stop growing as people so these kinda posts will never be redundant for me.

Thank you so much reading. I hope that this post did a good job of giving you a little insight into why I do the posts that I do. Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“If you cannot do great things. Do small things in a great way” – Napoleon Hill.

Lots of loves,


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