With it being International Women’s Day, I thought that I would show some appreciation to the women that helped raised me. When I think about the women in my life I feel extremely lucky. I was raised by wolves. I was taught to know my worth from very early on and I was always told that I could do whatever I wanted with my life if I tried hard enough for it.


I could never have written this list without my mother being on it. She really is the strongest, most inspiring woman I know. To put it frankly, she’s my hero. My mom became pregnant with me at the age of seventeen. I have no doubt that she was frightened to become a mother so young but she has always given her best for me. I owe who I am today to my Mom. She truly is just so inspiring. Even when she’s gone through hard times, she still manages to muster a smile and make sure that we’re all okay. She truly is a fighter.


My Nanny Sherry was one of the women who instilled from me from a very early age that I don’t need a man. I may love, want or be with a man but I never need him. She’s always inspired me to be very independent and self-sufficient. She’s also taught me to follow my heart and be adventurous whenever I can. I can’t keep count of all the places that she’s travelled to and she’s always tried to encourage my sisters and I to see as much of the world as we can.


I find my Nanny Yvonne so inspiring for so many different reasons. She’s someone who’s never afraid to protect or defend herself when she needs to and I really admire that quality in her. She’s always taught me to stick up for myself and never let people put me down. Another thing I admire about my Nanny Yvonne is her ability to face adversity, she never lets a thing get in her way. She’s also one of the most kind-hearted people I know and she would do anything for anyone.


My Aunty Jo is another extremely strong woman in my life. Much like my Nanny Yvonne, she has this amazing ability to get through any shit in life that gets thrown her way. I admire that so much. She is also such a gentle lady with a beautiful personality. My Aunty has such a determined heart and she really put her all into everything that she does. She’s always been such a big influence on my life and she’s forever been one of my cheerleaders. 


Ooooh, cringe patrol. But on a real, sometimes I catch glimpses of the amazing women in my life in the way I talk or act and I feel so proud. I think it’s really good to say that you inspire yourself. I love that I’m a strong woman and I love that those strong women raised me.

. Thank you so much for reading. What women in your life inspire you? Have a lovely day and stay beautiful.

“I am a strong woman because strong women raised me” – Unknown.

Lots of loves,


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