a rebrand and an explanation

I have an extremely impulsive personality. Decision making it absolutely something that I despise so it’s usually my gut that makes my rash decisions. Some people yearn for a more laissez-faire attitude to life but my other downfall is that I’m a perfectionist. Meaning, if my rash decision fucks up completely then I regret it forever. I stay up late at night staring at the ceiling regretting that time I chose a can of Dr Pepper over Rubicon. I totally have a flair for the dramatic which probably has something to do with the fact that I am a Leo rising.

On a real note though, since the beginning of 2019, I’ve fallen out of love with my blog. Not the process – I absolutely love the writing, the photography and everything else about blogging. I’ve just become a little disinterested with my blog.

It’s nothing to do with authenticity or the niche I’m in because I finally feel that I’m at a place with my blog where I feel it fully represents who I am. I could probably do with chucking a bit more of my personality in my blog posts. This is because they feel a little too article-y sometimes which I don’t enjoy but anyhow. Niche wise, I’m over the moon because I’m no longer trying to fit myself into a box of what I think a blogger ‘should’ be. I am my own kind of blogger and I’m comfortable where I am which has taken a looooong while.

Although I’ve been thinking about this lil’ rebrand for a while, it came around that I was actually going to do it when this whole Pipdig drama arose. Now, I know nothing about coding or any of the mumbo-jumbo they were going on about.

So in short, my rebrand is a really an impulse decision but although something that I’ve wanted to do for a while subconsciously. This blog is about documenting my own personal growth while encouraging others to do the same. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little like I’ve outgrown how I used to blog and look at blogging. Along with this, I will be saying goodbye to my previous posts. I feel like holding onto them would be like an anchor weighing me down. Wow, deep. The planning process for my new posts is already underway and there’s some exciting stuff!

I really hope that you’re as excited about this as I am. I really believe that this is a new chapter for Katie Yvonne. Keep your eyes peeled for some new stuff appearing on my blog. I’ve had a blast planning it all and I feel so motivated to work on my blog again.

♡ What are you kind of stuff would you like to see from the rebrand of Katie Yvonne?

“What I love best in life is new starts” – Karl Lagerfeld.

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