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My love for true-crime has been alive and kicking for absolutely years now. I remember staying up and watching the crime channels as a spooky little twelve-year-old. While I love a good fictional crime program like Criminal Minds or CSI, there’s something about a true-crime story that just sends a little shiver down my spine. I watch a lot of true-crime documentaries and most of them come from Netflix. Netflix seems to have a treasure trove of all kinds of true-crime documentaries. They have so many different kinds of true-crime related stuff to watch from murder to drug cartels to extortion schemes.

One of the things I love most is that their selection comes from loads of different places. Some are produced by Netlflix and some are produced by other companies. I love this because you get a variety of documentaries from different sources, countries, companies and viewpoints.

The Confession Tapes

I truly think that this series is one of the best and most interesting crime series that I have ever watched. It’s based on crimes being ‘solved’ due to…you guessed it…taped confessions. It’s the type of series in which you really have to think about the cases being presented to you. The reason I enjoyed this series so much was because it made me question my own morals. Not to sound like ancient or anything but I find that a lot of the stuff I watch is very mindless, meaning I don’t have to use my brain to watch it and think about it, it just is what it is. Liam and I watched a few of the episodes together when he came down and it was quite nice to have a conversation about the cases and talk about what we thought about the different scenarios.

Time: The Kalief Browder Story

This series really opened my eyes into how deeply messed up the American justice system is. The premise is about a sixteen-year-old African-American male who was wrongly arrested for stealing a backpack and he was kept in Rikers Island prison for three years where he suffered horrible mental, physical and sexual abuse. Sadly due to the inadequate treatment that he received, he ended up sadly taking his own life in 2015. It features footage of him telling his own story and also other people including his family members, celebrities that he met and legal professionals who helped him. It’s a pretty emotional documentary but it was very insightful and eye-opening. Time was hard to watch at some points and it was a pretty confronting documentary to watch because we all have an idea that the American justice system is corrupt but it shows the true extent of this. Kalief’s story is not one that should be allowed to fade away.

The Fear of 13

This is another documentary that really got me in my feels when I watched it. It’s a similar premise to the Kalief Browder documentary. It features Nick Yarris who was wrongly convicted of murder, he spent twenty-two years of his life on death row for this crime that he didn’t commit. Though he did file some appeals, something was always coincidentally missing or admissible as evidence. I made it sound super simple in that sentence but there is so much to this story that you can find out if you watch it. The thing I like the most about this documentary is that is it Nick telling his own truth. There’s no presenter or figure speaking for him so it’s much more emotional because of this. Within the documentary, Nick is so well-spoken. He details the way he bettered himself even from prison by reading thousands of books. It is quite heartwarming to see that even though Nick experienced some of the worst things any of us can imagine that it didn’t break his spirits, he kept on fighting for his truth.

Abducted in Plain Sight

Now I’m pretty sure that everyone has heard about this documentary but it’s on my list anyway. A slight overview is that a girl was groomed and eventually abducted by a family friend. While that makes it sounds super simple, there is so much more to the story than that. I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to watch it for yourself. My advice would be to remove anything from your immediate area that may break if you throw it because I can guarantee that you’ll end up wanting to chuck something at the screen. Even with how frustrating it is I would recommend watching it because it is pretty interesting. I found it interesting because it’s not a case I’ve ever heard of before. I always like hearing about new cases because I find sometimes that the documentaries focus on more mainstream cases.

Survivors Guide to Prison

I’m not sure that many people have watched this which is a shame because it’s a really interesting documentary film. It features celebrities, experts and former inmates talking about the broken American justice system. It is a pretty intense and hard-hitting film so be aware of that but it is very eye-opening. It’s a nice mix of experts, celebrities (some of whom have been previously incarcerated themselves) and people retelling their own stories. I liked this feature because you got something from all sides. Like, the Kalief Browder documentary, this is very confronting. But without documentaries like these, the injustices of the justice system would go unnoticed.

♡ Have I missed any good crime documentaries that you would recommend?

“Question everything, learn something, answer nothing” – Euripides.

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  1. I love a true crime documentary, and I’ve only seen two of these, so I’ll be sure to check the others out! Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Katie Yvonne says:

      I’m glad you could find something new to watch! Thanks for reading sweet xx

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