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*AD: The book ‘365 Days of Happiness’ by Jacqueline Pirtle was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. If you’d like to see what this means, please visit this page.

The past few weeks have left me truly in a funk. Scratch that, the past few months have been a little gloomy. There’s no real reason behind this funk, it’s just something that’s been bothering me lately. While I was sat in bed a couple of nights ago I thought to myself, enough is enough. I need to sort my moods out. While I know that it’s 100% human to have off-days and have days where you feel kind of down, but this was a developing pattern. I decided that I would start making changes to become a little more positive about day-to-day life. This funk was nothing serious or nothing to be worried about, I was just moping around feeling sorry for myself. It was easy to slip into the slump and it’s been surprisingly easy to climb back out with the help of some small daily habits.

Writing out my thoughts before bed

Sometimes, I have a bit of a messy mind – my thoughts race at a million miles an hour. I find it hard to think clearly about anything which winds me up a little bit sometimes. I’ve been making a conscious effort to write out my thoughts and feelings before bed in order to just take the load off my mind. This has been making a huge impact on my happiness. It just makes it so that I wake up with a clean slate to start my day off with and it makes me feel 100 x more positive about the day. Doing this has also really increased the quality of my sleep. Those thoughts flying around my head at 3 am were really hindering my sleeping schedule. Getting better sleep is has had a huge impact on my daily positivity because a Sleepy Katie is a Grumpy Katie.

Meditating daily

At the start of 2019, one of my goals was to meditate for at least ten minutes every day. Around March time I found out that Headspace has a package deal with Spotify where you get both for just £5 a month if you are a student. Since then I have been meditating both morning and night and it has such an impact on my mood. I’m able to go deep into thought. Much like my brain dump before bed, it allows me to figure out my feelings. Meditating puts me in a calm and tranquil space of mind which allows me to just spend a few minutes figuring stuff out. I find that when I’m going through an emotionally taxing time that meditation works wonders because it gives me the time to rationalise things and look at them from a more pragmatic point of view. As I’m a very emotion human, which isn’t helped by being a water sign, this really helps me get a real grip on situations. Meditating isn’t for everyone but I have personally found it to have a big impact on my happiness.

Starting my day with positive thoughts

I would previously start my day off by reading the news or scrolling through social media on my phone. Both of which seemed to be filled with doom and gloom. For the last few weeks, I have been starting my day by reading a daily page of 365 Days of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle. Jacqueline has a really uplifting way of writing these pages. They aren’t your usual ‘just be happy’ quotes, they put things into perspective. She gives amazing tips like consciously planning a good day for yourself and checking in with your feelings every few hours. This way, I get to start off my day with a positive thought that fills me with all the good feels I need for my day. I love that this book has a page for every single day. Jacqueline’s way with words really puts my day off to a brilliant start. It’s really difficult not to feel inspired after reading your daily page. If you’re looking for a way to start your day off that doesn’t involve a screen blaring in your face then I 100% recommend Jacqueline’s book. I can’t wait to get through the whole year of pages.

Allow time for myself

I’ve been finding that recently, I’ve been super lax on the self-care front which is no good. For me, self-care is really important. It’s the bread and butter of my good moods if I’m honest. Self-care consists of a lot of different things for me such as doing yoga, my skin-care regime, journalling etc. It all makes a difference to my moods. In order to feel a little more positive, I’ve been incorporating some me-time into my day every few hours and it’s done the world of good. My self-care routine plays such a huge part in what energies I’m feeling and how I’m vibing. Sometimes taking time out for yourself can illicit some feelings of guilt but you deserve that time. I’m not going to go off on some cringey ‘you deserve you time’ kinda rant because I believe deep down, we all know that we need time to ourselves, we just don’t give it.

♡ What do you do to try to live a happier life?

“I am in charge of my feelings and today I chose happiness” – Unknown.

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  1. What a great post! I definitely need to start doing these too, as they all sound like great help xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Katie Yvonne says:

      I’m glad you liked it beaut. Hopefully, they can help you out! Thanks for reading. Have a lovely evening.

      Katie x x

  2. Fellow Headspace lover over here! This book sounds really interesting – I never give myself time to read, but the fact it’s only a page a day makes it appealing. Thanks for sharing! X

    1. Katie Yvonne says:

      That was my issue, I thought I never had the time to read but only needing to read one page is amazing. I always feel amazing after reading it too! Love to see another Headspace user, it’s been an intergral part of my life recently.

      Thanks for taking the time to read lovely x

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