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the monthly list – May edition

Phew, May is nearly done with now. This year is literally flying by haha. I love being nosey at the ‘monthly’ posts that other bloggers do so I thought I’d incorporate that in my own blog! I absolutely loved writing this post because it allowed me to reflect on my month and also because it’s a pretty easy post to write haha.

What I’ve Watched – Game of Thrones

This is no surprise if you follow me on Twitter because I was going on about it over on there most of the month. I absolutely loved this last season and I feel like that’s not a very popular opinion. I won’t lie and say that it ended how I expected it to with Jon Snow as King, Cersei killed horrifically and Arya the hero of the show. But that’s the thing I’ve always loved about Game of Thrones, it doesn’t go with what you expect. It shocks you with every new scene. I’m gutted that it’s over but I will be binge-watching it again in the future.

What I’ve Read – Talking with Female Serial Killers by Christopher Berry-Dee

For the last two years while I’ve been at university I haven’t read any books for my own enjoyment. Being a huuuge bookworm, this has been a rough time. I decided to kick off my reading again with a true-crime book. If you know me, then you’ll know I am a fiend for a good true-crime case. I finished this book within a week and honestly could not put it down whenever I picked it up. The way the cases are written is so easy to understand and Christopher even chucks a bit of humour in there which helps as some of the cases in this book are a little heavy. I have two more books from Christopher Berry-Dee and I can’t wait to dig into them!

What I’ve Listened to – Exciting Emails podcast by Vix Meldrew

I’ve been looking to up my blogging game while I’m on my break from university so I decided to get Vix’s podcast a listen as I’ve heard amazing things. She has such a brilliant way of getting information across which is unsurprising with her old career of being a teacher. I’ve changed a few things on my blog based on her advice and I feel lots better about them now! Vix’s funny personality and approachable nature have me hooked on her podcast. I can’t recommend it enough if you want to take your blogging to the next level.

What I’ve Tried – Calendar Blocking

Calendar blocking is something that I’ve wanted to try for a long time. I’ve watched and read a lot about it and it seemed like something that would really up my productivity. So this month I decided to try it and OH MY GOSH!! I have a blog post dedicated to this planning method soon so I won’t say too much here. It’s such an easy thing to follow but it makes a world of difference. It lays your time out kind of like a school day so for two hours you might be doing work for your blog and then for another hour you might be meal prepping for a week. It just gives the day so much more structure and I can’t wait to talk more about it soon.

♡ What have you enjoyed in May? And what are you looking forward to in June?

“Every month is like a fresh piece of paper and you are the pen that choses what to write on it” – Unknown.

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