album review: SHE IS COMING by Miley Cyrus

One thing that I keep under tight wraps is that I used to be a Hannah Montana fanatic. If I used Twitter back then I’d probably have had a stan account called ‘montanadreams’ or something cringey like that. When I found out that Miley Stewart was Miley Cyrus I was gobsmacked and obsessed. I blasted ‘Fly on the Wall’ and ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ on a daily basis. I wore the Hannah Montana outfits from Asda. My little eleven-year-old self loved her. My love for Miley has never ended and probably never will. When I heard about SHE IS COMING, I was so excited about it. Anyway, I’m sure you get that I have stanned Miley for a good thirteen years so let’s get into the review.

Mother’s Daughter

Okay, I loved this within the first ten seconds. The beat was so unique. After listening to Miley’s previous albums, you can tell this is a signature Miley song. Her voice is one of a kind. The contrast between her lyrics saying ‘I’m nasty, I’m evil’ against a sorta soft beat is something I loooove. This has a really strong girl power vibe which is something I think we’ll see a lot in this EP. The vibe, the beat, the vocals – all on point. Such a good pick for the first song on the track list.


Miley did that. She did it. I love the honesty in this song. She’s raw without being soft and that’s a vibe I can get with 100%. This for me is a kind of response to the people who talk about Miley like she’s strange and ‘obscene’ as she says in this song. She’s letting people know that she isn’t perfect and doesn’t always have it together but who does? As someone who has been battered by the media in recent years, I love that Miley is throwing up her middle finger to them. Be a little unholy and do you.


The name of this song is accurate because I listened to this with my eyes closed and her vocals with the beat behind sounded like a dream. This acronym being used is really clever, it stands for drugs rule everything around me which I don’t doubt for Miley considering that she’s a celebrity. If you’re a die-hard Miley fan, you’ll remember that she sang a song called ‘Dream’ in Hannah Montana: The Movie so I’m not sure if this is her calling back and maybe updating it from a more adult or experienced point of view? That’s just me thinking way too deep into it maybe. Ghostface Killah takes the outro which is actually so amazing because this song interpolates C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang Clan so to have an actual member in the song is something I love.


I bloody loved this song. The RuPaul feature is perfect for this. Both Ru and Miley kill it, neither one outshines the other and I live for that. I can already see this in a ‘lipsync for your life’. It’s earned its place on my GRL PWR playlist. The beat goes so hard and I love Miley’s savage side coming out on this track. This EP does very well at showing all of the angles that Miley can shine in as an artist. She has a beautiful voice when singing softer songs but she can also go hard on a beat when she wants to. The versatility of a queen.

Party Up the Street

This is my favourite song on the EP, hands d o w n. It is such a vibe. In the backing, I think I can hear waves crashing and it fits the vibe so much. Swae Lee and Miley mesh so well. This is the kinda song I imagine you’d play at a beach party when everyone is just vibing out and bopping. I can’t lie, this song was on repeat for about half an hour when I first heard it because I just get enough. Listening to it puts me in such a good mood. After one listen it was added to my faves playlist which is very rare for me because I’m picky. If you only listen to one song on this release, make it this one.

The Most

If you were looking for the most typically Miley song on the EP, here it is ladies and gents. This is bloody beautiful. I would really like to hear the acoustic version of this from Miley because I bet that it sounds amazing. I feel like this was a really good song to end the EP on. We’ve been taken on a Miley Cyrus rollercoaster throughout this release and this is the perfect song to end it on. One thing I’ve always loved about Miley is that she has such emotion in her voice and this track does a perfect job at showcasing that.

Album Overview

Obviously being a huge Miley fan, when I heard she had new music coming I was ecstatic but this really outdid itself. With only six songs, Miley showed just how versatile she is as an artist. There were songs that hit my feels, songs that made me feel like the most powerful woman in the world and songs that made me bop aggressively in my room. The rawness of this EP is so compelling. Both as an artist and as a person, Miley has always unapologetically been herself. And that’s one of the reasons why I love her so much. Even when people are being so horrid about her, she stands her ground and remains who she is truly.

 I hope you enjoyed this post, I am really enjoying doing album reviews! Music is such a huge part of my life and sharing that with my blog makes it an even bigger part of my life. Definitely go and give SHE IS COMING a listen!

♡ Have you listened to Miley Cyrus’ EP, SHE IS COMING? If so, what was your favourite track?

“I always say the minute I stop making mistakes is the minute I stop learning and I’ve definitely learned a lot” – Miley Cyrus.

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