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my mid-year goals

Somehow we’re halfway through the year..how did that happen? 2019 is literally flying by. This fact makes me feel a little bit shit if I’m honest. At the start of the year I had so many good intentions, I really wanted to smash out some goals in 2019. But my motivation quickly dwindled and my goals got even further away than they were already. I decided like last week that I would give them another go during June so here they are, my mid-year goals for 2019.

Lose some weight

Very generic, I know but this is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. My weight is starting to hinder my life a little. I feel constantly bloated and tired. And I personally, am quite unhappy with my weight. That’s not to say that other plus size ladies don’t look absolutely phenomenal (because they do!) but I’m struggling. This is something that I think about a lot and I have a lot of positivity towards it! It’s not coming from a negative place of self-hatred like it used to for me, it’s coming from a much lighter place in me. I don’t know an exact figure I want to become but I’m just going to go with it and when I feel more comfortable and confident with myself I’ll know that’s what I want to maintain.

Take my blog more seriously

I love my blog. It has changed my life in ways that I never thought it would. Blogging is genuinely the only hobby I’ve ever stuck to. When I say I want to take it more seriously, I don’t mean from a business standpoint because I’m quite happy to never earn a penny from my blog, though it would be nice. I want to start putting more time and effort into it. Making higher quality content for myself and others to enjoy. My blog is my creative outlet and it would be really nice to see what direction I can take it in.

Get more into my spirituality

Delving into my spirituality is something really important to me. I feel like finding out more about what I believe in has been a big help on my personal growth journey, Many spiritual practices are able to help when it comes to developing yourself such as meditation, visualisation, etc. I recently purchased a new tarot deck so I’d like to get more into that and start incorporating it into my everyday life. Maybe when I know more about my beliefs, I’ll write a blog post about it! Until then though, I have a highlight on my Instagram of my journey with spirituality if you’re interested.

Save £500 for a place

I’ll be finishing university next year so that’s when the house hunting is going to be getting more serious for Liam and I. I have a rough idea of how much I want to save to put towards it and £500 seems like a nice place to start. I am absolutely shite at saving money. But closing the distance and having a place is the next step for us so it’s an important thing to save for.

Get 60%+ in uni assignments

This next year is my last so it’s super important that I do well. I set this same goal for myself in January and managed to do it. I got 60% in all assignments of semester one apart from one which was 59% but I secretly count that one too. If I’m honest, I never get 80% or above for 60% is a nice attainable number for me, not too easy or too hard. The Goldilocks zone of goals, if you will.

♡ What mid-year goals do you have? Or, what have you achieved so far in 2019?

“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there” – Bo Jackson.

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