why uni was the right choice for me

At last, it’s the time of year where you decide whether or not to go to uni. Honestly, this was a pretty easy decision for me. However, I know it isn’t like that for everyone.  At first, I really wanted to do a Psychology degree but after a few months, my mind changed to Sociology. As a result of that change, I sit here writing this post as a Media and Sociology student going into her last year.

Originally, I was going to move away from home to go to uni. Huddersfield was my top choice. I had looked around the campus, the town and the accommodation to see what it was like and I loved it. We had booked the accommodation. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Not for long. On results day, I was shitting myself. There’s no other way to put it. I could barely sleep the night before. Once the morning arrived, I checked my UCAs and my heart broke into a million pieces. Huddersfield never accepted me. All I really remember is going into my Mom’s room and crying my eyes out.

After this, we went to go and get my results from college and I avoided absolutely everyone. I got in and out as quickly as I possibly could. While I just wanted to sit in my bed with a pot of Ben and Jerry’s, I had to sort out a few things. I had to cancel my accommodation for Huddersfield, call the University of Wolverhampton clearing line and then answer all the phone calls I was getting. Needless to say, I was mortified. Everyone had been told I was moving. I left my part-time job to move. Now, I looked like a right idiot because I wasn’t going anywhere.

If I’m completely honest, I was ready to give up. Had it not been for the people around me being so supportive and encouraging I’d have never phoned the clearing hotline but I did. I feel so sorry for the poor lady who answered the phone because I was in bits so she could hardly understand me. She helped me apply for the course I’m on now. The best thing was that I knew a few people from school and college who were going to the same uni as me so I felt a little better.

A few weeks later, I found out I got accepted and I was over the moon. I was going to university after all. Together, my family and I made the decision that I would just stay at home because Wolves is only 30 minutes away so I could just commute. And this is where my university adventure began. So here are the reasons why university was the right choice for me, even if I had a barmy getting in.

I have a passion for learning

All throughout my life I’ve been called curious, inquisitive and well..nosy. I like to know the way that things work. To put it truthfully, I’m a nosey parker. I have notebooks filled with notes about things that I’ve done research on. There’s always a documentary on my telly. My inquisitive mind is one of my favourite traits for myself. The fact that we can never stop learning about things inspires me so much. This is why for me, uni was a perfect fit. I would be able to learn about loads of things that interest me and get a deeper insight into how the world works.

I wanted to prove others (and myself) wrong

I’m a simple girl from a council estate who comes from a family where only one other person made it to college. When I was in school and we’d talk about uni, I’d shrug because I didn’t think it was where people from backgrounds like myself went. It was in my head that university was for posh kids who were privately educated. How wrong I was haha. I really wanted to prove to myself that I could do this. Also, there was also a few other people who said I would end up like the rest of my family that I wanted to prove wrong too. One of my favourite quotes ever is “When someone says you can’t do it, do it twice and take pictures”. Saying that I’m not too sure I’ll do another degree it feels good to know I can do it.

I want to gain independence

You might be confused by this statement considering I mentioned earlier that I still live with my parents. But just because you live at home doesn’t mean you can’t be independent. Before uni, I had only been on a train by myself a few times when seeing Liam. I had never been to Wolverhampton alone. These things threw me right out of my comfort zone. Also, with having my student loan, I had to learn how to budget money properly (this is still a work in progress). I buy and cook my own food. Do my own washing. Everything I need doing, I do it myself. So I’ve gained loads of confidence and become more self-dependent even still living at home.

Honestly, I just wanted to

While my curious nature often means I like to have a deeper answer to why everything is done. One of the main reasons for me going to university is just because I wanted to. I wanted to say that I’d been and done it. I wanted to be the first in my family ever to do it. That I had the experience.

♡ What path did you take, uni or work? Do you ever wish you chose differently?

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like are, no one should be denied it” – Alan Moore.

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