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monthly update | July

So I’ve decided to switch up how I do these monthly posts a little bit, I found that only writing about what I’ve read and watched gave people a proper look into my life. Realising this, I’ve chosen to start giving you a full nosey into my life every month because I feel like I don’t actually say much about what’s going on haha.

Went to see Liam

At the start of this month, I got to see Liam which was really nice! He’d been to Germany for a few days and when he landed he came down to see me. We spent some time in Telford and went to see my cousin, Henry’s, dance show. Then we drove back up North to go and see Liam’s family for a day which was really nice because I love seeing them. We visited Bamburgh Castle and Holy Island. It was lovely to go around seeing some places that I’ve not been to yet with Liam.

Looking after my siblings & house while my parents were in New York

In the middle of July, my parents flew over the pond for a romantic week away in the Big Apple. It was my Dad’s joint present for his birthday and their anniversary. Being the eldest sister, I was tasked with ensuring that they came back to the same amount of children that they left and also that they still had a house. My one sister is 17 and the twins are 10 so they weren’t hard to look after! My parents hadn’t had a week by themselves for nineteen years so they deserved a week away for definite.

Summer holidays started

Well, for my siblings, not me. I love it when their off because we can make loads of fun plans. We’ve decided this year that we’re making a little photo book to take back to school so their teachers can see all of the fun things they did over the summer. So far, we’ve had a water fight, slept out in the tent and created caterpillar habitats! I’m super excited to do some more things over the next few weeks.

Bulk planning blog content

July has been a huuuge month for me in regards to planning blog content. I’m trying to get my blog posts planned up until the end of the year and written up until November before university starts again. I’m putting a lot of effort into this because usually when I restart university, I don’t have much spare time for blogging so knowing I am already ahead then I’ll feel loads better.

I hope that you don’t mind this little switch up with these posts. I feel like they’re a little more personal this way.

♡ What have you done in July?

“Every summer, like the roses, childhood returns” – Marty Rubin.

Until next time,

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