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stop overcomplicating your routines

As someone who loves self-development and personal growth, I love a good routine. It adds a little bit of discipline to the day which I think we all need. If my days were without any type of routine then I don’t think I’d move from my bed if I’m honest. Routines give me that bit of discipline that helps me keep on top of the tasks I need to get done but sometimes they can be a little complicated.

Realise what you want to do

Obvious first step but stay with me. So in order to create a routine then you need to know what it is you need to do. Do you want to be more productive in the morning with work? Or maybe you want to make tidying your place faster. Pick what it is and get it in your head. When you have intentions set before creating a routine is easier but also adds a reason to what you’re doing.

Make time for what you want to do

I fully believe that it’s not about having time, it’s about making time. We all have the same amount of hours in a day so there’s no excuse not to be getting what you want to do done. Would this routine work better in the morning before your whole day starts or in the evening when the busy day is over? Perhaps it’s better done on the weekend when you have more time.

Remove pointless tasks

Them niggly tasks that don’t make a difference? Get rid. In order to have a really concise and simple routine, make sure that you’re only doing things that need to be done. Do you need to write a page worth of a journal on a day where nothing eventful happened? No? Then leave it for a day where you have lots of emotions to get out. What is vital to one person is pointless to another so this is completely personal to you. Maybe do your new routine and pick out the tasks that don’t seem to make much difference.

Streamline your to-dos

This sort of links with the point I made above. Streamline your tasks. Instead of writing:

  • Face Scrub
  • Cleanser
  • Moisturiser

Just write ‘morning skin care’. You really don’t have to write out every solitary task that you’ll be doing. Group tasks up so that it seems like you’re doing one thing instead of ten bajillion. This honestly changed the game for me. I used to write out each little thing and I would feel so overwhelmed. Now, I group them and it looks so much easier.

Block out your time

I won’t chat too much about time blocking because I have a whole blog post on it. I will say though that time blocking is by far one of the best things I have done to simplify my routines and make my day run more smoothly in general. It adds just that little bit of structure to my day which helps me get all of my tasks done.

♡ How do you keep your routines simple?

“The secret of your future is written in your daily routine” – Unknown.

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  1. Great tips! I don’t like having a long morning routine. I journal, get a quick workout in, shower and get dressed for the day. Nothing elaborate.

    1. Katie Yvonne says:

      It’s so much easier to get routines done when it’s not too complicated! Thanks for reading lovely x

    2. Katie Yvonne says:

      It’s so much easier when routines are simpler, isn’t it?x

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