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gysio: what I do on Sunday for a productive week

While Monday is my absolute favourite day of the week, Sunday comes in at close second. I know lots of people prefer their Friday nights but for me, Sunday’s are where it’s at. Over the last few years, I have been trying to turn my Sunday into a day that helps optimise my whole week ahead. I think I’ve gotten it down to a fine art so here are my tips for what I do on Sunday for a kick-ass week.

Plan the week ahead

This seems so obvious but it’s helpful. Though my days sometimes change, I like to have an idea of what it is that I’m doing. You don’t have to plan every little detail but even knowing what’s going on can help you feel loads less overwhelmed about the new week. I always schedule in a chill/self-care day and a day where I focus on my blog or uni. Just so then, I have important days for myself pencilled in.

Do a self-care Sunday

Having a self-care Sunday is super important. Even if you work on a Sunday, you can still plan out some self-care activities to do after. On Sunday’s, I like to do a face-mask, watch a film or just do something that I feel nourishes me. Sometimes life is hectic and we have so much to do that we forget ourselves so it’s important to look after yourself when you have the time. Your self-care day can be whatever you want it to be.

Get the mundane tasks out of the way

We all have things to do in life that bore the crap out of us. Whether it’s washing the kids uniform, doing the food shop or hoovering up. If you’re anything like me then you constantly put off doing these tasks. These to-dos are put on my list every day of the week and I just ignore them hoping they go away. This is why I’ve started using Sunday as a deadline for these tasks. Maybe I don’t want to hoover on Wednesday but it has to be done on Sunday. I like this method as it means I don’t go into the new week with loads of silly, small things to do.

Budget for the week

Now, this is a new step that I’ve started doing on a Sunday to help me out with my money and it’s doing wonders. I sit down with my planner out and look at what I’m going to need to spend this week. Is my phone bill due? Am I going out for lunch? Do I need to stock up on some food? Doing this gives me a guideline for what I may need to spend and it also allows me to put the extra away in my savings. I tried doing this on a monthly basis but it was too overwhelming for me but doing it on a weekly basis seems to be helping!

Plan or prep dinners

I am a lazy cook. To be honest, I’m lazy in general. But anyway. Every week I like to sit down and plan what I’m going to be eating. If I don’t have a little plan then it all goes to pot and I end up eating loads of crap food. It also helps me with budgeting because I can have the same thing a few nights in a row. There are a few days a week where I’m not at home all day so on this day I prep my food for them days.

Set some intentions

Here I go, getting all woo-woo. On Sunday’s I like to set some intentions for the week. These might be that I want to do 10,000 steps every day this week or I want to give at least one compliment to someone a day. Just little things I can do to either make myself or someone else feel happier. Setting intentions allows me to go into the week with a bit more mindfulness.

♡ What do you do on a Sunday to kick off your week?

“The person on top of the mountain didn’t fall there” – Vince Lombardi.

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