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First of all, please don’t judge me for getting the product in my hair hahah. I’ve seen a few opinions flying around about Aldi’s beauty range, Lacura. Some of these opinions were favourable and other’s were not so positive. Now with everything, there is going to be mixed reviews. I think it’s good to be able to weigh up the pros and cons of a product. I thought that I, too, would speak about this subject. Not that anyone asked for my opinion but still.

Supermarkets have been launching their own beauty lines for a while now. I think this can be a positive thing because not everyone can afford the prices of beauty products in Boots or Superdrug, or maybe they just can’t justify it. I like to look after my skin. When my skin is clear and glowing, I feel like my confidence increases by 100%. But as much as I love my skin, I wouldn’t pay the prices that some of these brands are asking. That’s just me though, I know some people do like to splurge on these items and that’s completely okay too!! I’m not trying to shame anyone about how much they spend on skincare, trust me.

There are some amazing drugstore skincare brands such as b., Yes To, The Ordinary and so on. But still supermarkets like to have their own beauty lines. I’ve tried products from both Asda and Tesco and really loved both of them. Here’s where we get into some controversy though, I also really love Aldi’s skin care.

What’s the big deal with Lacura?

Some people have noticed that Aldi’s skincare range looks rather familiar to a few other products from other brands. I would say that the two biggest culprits for this are the Lacura Healthy Glow Toner which looks a lot like Pixi Glow Tonic and the Lacura Pink Clay Mask modelled after Sand & Sky’s Pink Clay Mask. I own both of these products. Performance wise, I love them. However, the Healthy Glow Toner is a little too fragranced for me to use all of the time. People’s problem with these products is that they look VERY similar to their higher-end counterpart. To the point where you couldn’t even try to say these products aren’t dupes.

A lot of people disagree with this because it’s obviously blatant copying. Aldi is piggybacking on the hard work a separate brand has done in order to make a bit of coin themselves. The cynic in me wants to say that that’s just business but I honestly find it a little sad how similar they’ve made the products. With some effort, they could’ve branded the products themselves and not have stolen whole ideas from others but there’s the point. Maybe they want it to look like the high-end version does so that you think you’re getting the real thing. It’s very clever but deceitful marketing.

Sand & Sky v Lacura

Pixi v Lacura

Is it worth getting mad about?

In my opinion, no. But that might be because I’m a tight arse who refuses to splash out. Or maybe it’s because I’ve never tried the high-end products that Lacura has duped. I think it’s lazy and disingenuous to copy other brands ideas verbatim. I believe they could’ve easily made it so that they didn’t look so similar but as I said before, it’s probably meant to look the same. It’s also my belief though that when you put stuff out there, it might just get copied. We see this with Fashion Nova copying the Kardashian’s outfits they second they’re posted on Insta. Or with makeup brands copying shade ranges or collection ideas. It happens. Does that make it right? Uh, no but these things happen.

Will I still buy it?

Maybe. I’m trying to go 100% natural with my skincare by the end of the year so these kinds of products will be phased out slowly. I can see myself repurchasing the face mask because it does my skin wonders. The toner is alright but it does what my witch hazel does and that isn’t fragranced at all. I also have their Charcoal Mud to Foam cleanser which I love oh so much. As I said earlier, I like that those products that don’t have such a huge price tag are on offer for people on a budget like moi. But I do think that they would tone (get it lol) it down on the blatant copying.

♡ What are your thoughts about Aldi’s skincare range?

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself” – Zoe Kravitz.

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