ten places on my travel bucket list

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. Being able to experience different countries, cultures and cuisines is such an amazing thing. Although I’m fussy as shit so my cuisine tasting goes as far as seeing how different countries make chips. Oh, and eating Lays and Milka until they come out of my ears. Here are a few places I’d love to travel to.

Toronto, Canada

Ever since watching Kalyn Nicholson and seeing her Instagram photos taken around Toronto, I’ve wanted to visit so bad. It’s definitely creeping its way up my bucket list. The perk is that I already know Liam has been to Canada and he loves it there so it won’t be a hard sell at all aha.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Before reading The Fault in Our Stars, I’d never really considered going to Amsterdam but now it’s one of the places I want to go to ASAP. It’s super cliche and it’s on everyone’s bucket list but that’s got to be for a reason, right? This will 100% be the next city break I go on.

Colmar, France

Colmar is one of those places you go to when you want a quiet weekend away in the countryside but don’t want to stay in the U.K. This place caught my eye when I was looking for lesser known places to travel to in Europe and it looks like an absolute dream. Oh, and it is on the Alsace Wine Route. What more could you want? If I ever decided to have a bachelorette weekend abroad, Colmar would be my first pick.

Santorini, Greece

Greece is the first country listed that I have actually already been to. Santorini is a dream destination of mine and has been for years. Photos of Santorini fill my travel board on Pinterest. It literally looks like paradise on earth.

Manarola, Italy

Manarola is another one of those lesser-known, smaller destinations I want to visit. It’s also in the Cinque Terre region which is said to have beautiful white wine. I showed Manarola to Liam a few years ago and I think we both agreed that it’s somewhere we’d like to do. We both love Italian food and I love wine so it’s perfect.

Seville, Spain

Though I can’t say I know much about architecture from a theoretical or historical point of view, I do know that the architecture in Seville is phenomenal. The palaces, cathedrals and other buildings look so beautiful. I love museums and there are loads in Seville that I’d love to see.

Rome, Italy

I’ve wanted to go to Rome ever since I was little. It’s probably one of the places that Liam and I want to visit together the most. To be honest it’s another cliche trip but I’m not too bothered about that. Eating pasta in the capital of Italy with my love by my side is a dream.

York, England

This seems a little oddly places with some of the exotic places on this list but it’s still one of the places I’d love to visit. When I visit Liam, I go through York every single time and whenever I do I just want to get off and explore a little. But that would leave Liam waiting for me alone in Durham train station so I think we’ll just make it a day trip.

Tavira, Portugal

Sometimes I feel like one of the only people who hasn’t been to Portugal? Tavira sits on the Algarve coast and is a pretty small place. It’s described as not being ‘hectic’ which is pretty good because it’s nice to go somewhere not crawling with tourists every once in a while.

New York, America

I think that New York is pretty much on everyone’s bucket list, right? The day this post goes up is the day that my parents come back from NYC so I’m super excited to look at their photos. Liam and I have decided that when we go to New York we want to do a pizza tour. When he said that to me, I knew he was the one for me aha.

♡ Where is on your travel bucket list?

“Cover the Earth before it covers you” – Dagobert D. Runes.

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