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August mood board

Monthly mood boards have been a part of my life since about 2016. When I first started dipping my toe into the world of self-development I saw a video which mentioned how good they are for visualising your goals and dreams. I use my mood boards for exactly that. I like setting them as my phone wallpaper so that I have a constant reminder of what it is that I’m striving for. Since they’ve been a huge help with my journey I thought I’d share my mood boards with you!

*Disclaimer: While the photograph in the post header is my own, all of the photos in the actual  mood board are not mine. Full credit goes to their owners. ✿



In August I really want to get into a habit of eating foods that are better for me. Cooking more from home is a huge goal for me as recently I’ve been doing this and it’s made such a huge difference. I actually really love cooking but the reason why I don’t a lot of the time is that I’m lazy. My second food-related goal for August is to become fully vegetarian. I’ve been a part-time veggie since the start of 2019 and I’m loving it. I don’t actually eat much meat other than pepperoni and chicken nuggets but the Quorn versions of them are even better than the meat version so the swap is an easy one. I eventually want to become a vegan but I’m trying to take it slow. The big thing to conquer will be my love for chocolate and cheese so I wanted to get the meat out of the way for good.


While I’m not at university my blog is taking the front seat. I’m trying to get all of my blog post planned up until November. I always like to be a little bit ahead of myself but with it being my third and final year, I want to put all of my focus onto university work. Having all of my post planned and ready to go out will leave me with easy things like promoting posts and planning social media. I also want to start treating my blog more like a side-hustle. I’ve been thinking about taking my blog more seriously for a few months and it’s definitely something that I want to do. This doesn’t come from a place of greed or anything but I just want to put more effort into my blog. As much as I’d love to take this full time and be getting lots of work with brands, I know it doesn’t come easy. I write for the love of writing but there’s no shame in trying to take it a little more seriously.


As well as taking my blog up a notch, I also want to improve my photography. While on my blogging journey I have discovered that I really enjoy photography but I could definitely improve. I want to start learning how to take better photos and be more explorative with how I take my photos. Including putting myself in them a little more. Along with this, I want to up my editing game. I’m super motivated to learn how to make my photos look really good. I’ve got a Pinterest board full of little tips on how to improve.


In the first week of September, Liam and I will be travelling to Krakow which is really exciting. I want to start planning my outfits so that I’m not taking lots of clothes that I won’t bother wearing. I also want to start getting an itinerary ready. Nothing too strict but just a little idea of what we want to do while we’re there.


It’s really important to me to ensure that I’m looking after my mind. I think that with the nice weather we’ve been having that I’d like to get outside a little more and start walking. As you can probably tell from my Instagram, I love taking photos out in nature so I’ll have to make sure I’m going out more. I want to start journalling again too. My little head can get a little cluttered sometimes so I just want to schedule ten minutes in the morning where I write down all the things that are on my mind so that they don’t whizz around my head all day.


One of my big goals in 2019 was to become more healthier in general. Fitness is obviously a part of this goal of mine. During August, I want to do a yoga flow every single day. When I was doing yoga regularly I found that it helped so much in a million different ways. As cliche as it sounds, it really improved my lifestyle. Along with yoga, I’d also like to actually stick to doing my ten-thousand steps a day. I set myself this goal in July and failed miserably so I’m wanting to smash it this month!


In August, I want to just trust the timing of my life a bit more. I’m always trying to convince myself that I’m a million steps behind everyone else. Rationally, I know that this isn’t the case but it’s one of those things that niggles at you. I need to remind myself that the timing of my life is not something to be tampered with. Things will happen when it is natural for them to do so.


On the whole, I just want my vibe for August to be positive and progressive. I want to smash my goals that I’ve set for the month. With that I want to make sure that absolutely everything I do is coming from a good place, there’s no room for bad vibes on this journey.

♡ What are your August goals?

“August is like the Sunday of summer” – Unknown.

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