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bulk planning: how I stay months ahead of my blog planning

When it comes to blogging, I like to stay ahead of the game. Bulk planning is what helps me do this. If I’m ahead of myself then I feel so much more at ease. I also like to do this because I feel as though my content is a million times better when I take the time to plan it out.  The knowing that the post is ready to go with a bomb featured image and the promotion scheduled is a blogger’s dream come true. It also makes my Inner Monica Gellar hella happy.

Have a catalogue of ideas to use 

I’m pretty sure that every blogger has had them lightbulb moments when you think of a blog post at the most random times. Like I’ll be on the train watching BuzzFeed Unsolved and bam, five blog post ideas hit me all at once. When I get these little ideas, I like to put them into a file on my Google Keep.

I like to have these ideas stored somewhere that I know I can go back to them whenever I need to. This makes planning content so easy because you already have ideas banked. Go into your notes, pluck one out that you like and begin typing.

Figure out what you want to go up and when

Some people like planning for certain posts to go up at certain times. Maybe you want a monthly update to be posted on every last week of the month. Or you want some gift guides ready for Christmas time. Knowing when you want different posts to go up will help you stay on top of your schedule.

You may even choose to write these posts way before they need to be released just so that you know they’re ready. As a blogger, overwhelm is one of my biggest enemies. And let me tell you, my overwhelm metre goes zero to one hundred in lightening speed. Knowing that my Bloguary posts for January have been planned and conceptualised give me such a sense of ease. I feel like conceptualised is such a big word for me, wow.

Section out your time to plan

Break your freakin’ time up. If getting planned ahead with your posts is really something that you want to do then set out time for it! When something is important to you then it’s vital that you make the time for it. Saying you want to be more organised with your blog isn’t enough to make it happen.

I try to do at least an hour of planning every day while I’m not at university. Then when I have a totally free day, I like to spend all of that day getting posts planned, photos taken, etc. I schedule these days as events in my calendar because then it feels more like something I have to do. But also because if it ain’t in the calendar then it ain’t happening.

Take the photos and edit them for the posts

A post isn’t fully ready until the photos are ready for it. I like to spend one whole day every few weeks getting my photos taken. This way I can batch edit them and get them added to the posts that they are for. One big tip for doing this is to use presets!

Presets have literally revolutionised my blog photos. Either make one yourself or get one from someone else. It saves you all that faffing of changing exposure to +11 and contrast to -5. Just a tap of a preset and maybe some tweaking and Bob’s your uncle. When I started out as a blogger, I was always forgetting about photos until the post had gone up now. Taking that extra bit of time to take them can make it loads easier. It can also mean that your photos are of a higher quality which is always groovy.

Schedule it in and put it in your calendar

Once all of the hard work is done, get it scheduled in for when you want it to go live. This takes loads of pressure off. These scheduled posts just go up whenever you’ve set them to so once it’s planned and ready, your work is done.

One of the nicest feelings as a blogger is clicking that schedule button and knowing that it’s all ready to go. I love looking at the scheduled section on my posts and just smiling smugly at the fact that I’m months ahead of myself. There’s nothing wrong with some inner smugness, my friends.

Prepare the promotion for when it goes live

Promotion is such an important thing when it comes to blogging. How can people read your posts if they have no idea that they’ve gone up? For the longest time, I was doing zero promotion and my blog views made that very clear. One of the biggest reasons was that I didn’t want to annoy people in my feed (which makes total sense) but that’s what bloggers use their social media for.

WordPress has this little section in your ‘Post Settings’ tab called ‘Sharing’ and here you can add the message you want to show when it is promoted onto your social media accounts. Isn’t that helpful? You don’t even have to promote it when it goes live.

♡ Are you a schedule kinda blogger or do you write the post the day before it goes up?

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” – Alan Lakein.

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  1. I’ve recently got back into planning my posts and it’s so much better to know there’s no more stress about doing things last minute to get it up on time. This post is so helpful!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Katie Yvonne says:

      Thank lovely, I’m glad it could be of some help! I always feel so much better when I know that I have stuff ready to go.

      Thank you for taking the time to read lovely xx

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