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Ah, skin. It’s something that I think everyone has struggled with at one point in their lives. People of all genders, ethnicities and ages etc have struggled with their skin and it’s completely normal. It’s difficult because our facial skin sees all kinds of situations. Things like weather, pollution, stress, eating habits (and so on) and it’s the one part of our body that is pretty much always on show.

My skin story

Like most people, I have suffered with my skin for a long time. I would say that my troubles started when I was about twelve. Also around the time that I started caking my face in L’Oreal Wake Me Up foundation that had a nice Tangy Dorito tinge to it and when I started puberty. My views on my skincare have changed massively over the past few years. As a teen, I didn’t care about skincare, only makeup and as an adult, I favour skincare over makeup. At school, I was making the same mistake that every other girl in Year Eight was making which was using foundation to hide my spots. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t bloody work. Since leaving school, I’ve stopped trying to hide my skin problems and embrace them but also do what I can to remedy them.

There was a time as a teen where I probably wouldn’t have left my house without my ‘face’ on because I felt self-conscious of my skin. Over the years, I’ve learned to love my skin and try to figure out what made my skin so bad.

I didn’t have the worst skin as a teenager but I wasn’t walking around fresh-faced 24/7 either. I was kinda in the middle, yknow? So, when my breakouts were bad they were bad but I wasn’t on any ointments or medications for my spots so it really wasn’t too bad. I’ve (regrettably) inserted a photo of me around that age so you can see what I’m talking about.

One thing that hinders my skin is my period. I break out immensely when I’m due on. The spots are pretty big and also tender. Since going on the pill I’ve found that this isn’t as common but when I have what I call my ‘phantom period’ (aka the symptoms of my period without the bleeding), I still break out on my face but also on my chest and shoulders.

Another thing that really affects my skin is the fact that I am dairy intolerant. I still sometimes slip up and this makes my face go so red and inflamed. Switching to alternative milk, vegan yoghurts & cheese has really helped my skin.

My skin type is a combination of oily and dry. I spent most of the summer months blotting away at my oily T-zone. And the colder months are spent dousing my face in moisturiser hoping it’ll take some in. My skin isn’t really sensitive at all which pretty lucky. Under my chin is where a lot of my white-heads like to congregate and the black-heads like to party on my nose and chin.

You may be asking yourself, Katie…why are you telling us this? Well, a lot of people will write posts about skin-care and try to make it sound like they have formulated a foolproof regime to help anyone and everyone. I will not profess to have done that in this post. I want you to know what my skin’s profile is so that you can see why these things work for me and if they may work for you. There’s a 100% chance I will not be mentioning myself using serums because they don’t work for me but they may work wonders for you!

Now that you’ve had the lowdown on my skin’s story, here are some of the things I’ve been doing that really work for me. Please keep in mind that these are not miracle treatments, they’re simply little tips that have helped me. While they work for me they may not work for you.

Drinking more water

Water is often proclaimed to be this miracle juice that comes from the sky and honestly, I buy into it. Since upping my water intake to 2-4 litres a day I have seen some really good changes in my body. One of the best changes is in my skin. I’ve been breaking out a lot less and the dry weather hasn’t affected me too badly this year. If there’s one thing that you can do for your skin I would definitely make it drinking more water. It’s so simple yet so effective.

Wearing less makeup

This was a very personal decision for me but it has ultimately been for the best. I stopped wearing face makeup daily about three years ago. I still put on some mascara, eyebrow pomade and lip balm but for the most part, I’m makeup free. One big reason for this was that makeup was really affecting my skin. As an oily gal, my pores suffer enough but those extra layers didn’t help. Another reason was that makeup was my mask. It was a way to hide what I used to believe were imperfections but when I stopped doing this my confidence improved rapidly. Of course, if you’re confident and happy with putting makeup on frequently then do you 100%.

Simplifying my routine

My skincare routine used to be a whole load of effort. I had about seven different products to put on so most mornings and nights I just couldn’t be bothered to do it. I culled my skincare collection and narrowed my routine down. Making it more simple has not only increased the likelihood of me doing it but it’s also stopped me using so many things on my face which can hinder my skin.

Becoming more aware of ‘ bad’ ingredients

Bear in mind that I am no dermatologist or scientist of any sort but we all know that there are some things in skin care that do more damage than good. These are things such as alcohol, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate(SLS) and polyethene. When buying new skincare products, I try my best to avoid these ingredients and a few others.

Start eating better foods 

I won’t sit behind my screen demonising yummy but junk food because I enjoy that stuff and we all should without judgement. However, when I cut down on my junk food intake a little and started eating healthier foods, I did see a difference in my skin. For me, dairy is the biggest culprit so I like to give myself one dairy treat a week so that I still feel like I’m getting something. There’s a difference between moderation and abstention.

Using more natural production

Again, I don’t want to feel preachy in this blog post but natural skincare is the best kind for your skin! I stopped using face wipes that dried out my skin to take makeup off for coconut oil. My coconut oil cost me 49p and will last for about six months. Whereas my face wipes cost £1 and may last anything from two weeks to four weeks. I’ve also been looking at a few other DIY/natural skin care recipes that I want to try very soon!

Being consistent with it 

As I mentioned earlier, I hardly used to do my skincare routine because it was a pain in the arse. So there was no consistency at all. I might have done it like three times a week and then not done it for a few weeks. Since simplifying my routine and making it easier, I feel a lot more motivated to get up and get it done.

♡ What skin type are you? Do you have any more helpful tips?

“I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of makeup” – Demi Moore.

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