why I’m starting a minimalist journey

Minimalism has been a concept since humans have been around with historical and religious figures such as Jesus, Gautama Buddha and Laozi all being known to live with only what they need and not much more. In the past few years though, minimalism has sky-rocketed in relevancy. There are online personalities who showcase how living a more simple life can have a lot of benefits. The minimalist movement is something that I’ve been interested in for a long time. Now, I’m a pretty fickle person and I tend to jump from trend to trend but there’s something about minimalism that’s different.

The idea of living a simpler life is something that I love. It’s something I like to promote on my lil’ old blog. Life certainly does not need to be complicated. Minimalism is not for everyone because let’s be real, if it was, life would be a little boring. But I do feel like it’s for me and here are a few reasons as to why I believe that.

It will help to save money

I like stuff. I don’t know how else to describe it. My family are always telling me that I just collect stuff. Not in a hoarder-y sense but you know what I mean. I always have loads of notebooks, pens, body sprays etc. Stuff that I really don’t need. Minimalism would help me curb the spending on unnecessary things. This money could be put towards a house, a holiday etc.

There will be less clutter

For years, I’ve branded myself as a tidy person. My room is almost always tidy and mess just throws me off kilter. But I only recently realised that it’s organised chaos. My space isn’t tidy, my clutter is just organised. Minimalism is going to help a lot with getting rid of the clutter that I seem to hold on to and maybe stop me adding to it.

Lots of time will be saved

If I know that I have the one eye-shadow palette that I love to death (The Soph X palette from Makeup Revolution) then I don’t have to stress about what palette to use because there’s only one. This applies to everything such as skin care products, perfumes etc. I waste so much time picking what to use when if I just used the one thing I have, there would be time saved and stress avoided.

More money on experiences and less on times

I touched on money earlier but this point is kind of different. If I spent less money on stuff then I could spend more money on experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. So rather than buying another planner, I could save up to visit a new country. It’s a shame that we live in an age where items are put at a higher value than experiences. I would much rather collect memories than junk I’ll never use.

Appreciating what I have more

While I like to think I’m a very grateful person sometimes I can overlook things that I should really appreciate. I’ve had a little epiphany recently in which I realised that I should take more time to show gratitude for all that I have because though it may just seem like essentials to me, some items I own are a luxury to others.

A much more sustainable option

For a little while now, I’ve been trying to live a more sustainable life. In doing this, I’ve found that a lot of my downfalls come from buying things I don’t need. Body sprays, bits of makeup etc all of these things come in plastic packaging which is absolutely no good for the environment. So embarking on a minimalist journey may also help me on my journey to be more friendly to our planet.

♡ What are your thoughts on minimalism?

“I’ve found that the less stuff I own, the less my stuff owns me” – Nathan W. Morris.

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