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little habits making a big difference in my life

If there’s a lesson that I’ve learned since embarking on my journey of self-development, it’s that often the smallest things make the biggest difference. I love changing up my habits regularly to keep things funky and fresh. People always say ‘it’s the little things in life’ and it really is. You know like how McDonald’s BBQ sauce takes the fries from being amazing to being ethereal. Lately, I’ve been trying to make some little changes to my lifestyle in order to see these big changes and here’s what I’ve been doing.

Doing 10,000 steps a day

I’ve been a Fitbit user for a very long time and I think that it’s such a little thing. Sometimes I can do less than 1000 steps a day which is no good at all! Getting up and moving has such an impact on your health – both psychical and mental. Being more active has helped me in loads of ways.

Being more mindful about eating

Mindless eating is something I am a fiend for doing. I eat when I’m bored, when I’m tired, when I’m upset etc. I’m trying to use food as less of a crutch and honestly, it’s improving my relationship with food. I’ve been trying to eat at proper times and having proper meals in order to build up to eating habits which are better for myself.

Doing a daily tarot reading

Diving deeper into my spirituality is something that I’ve been really into these past few months. I’m not too sure if I want to talk too much about it yet as I’m not completely confident about it yet. Doing tarot is really helping me put things into perspective and looking deeper into my subconscious. My spiritual journey is such an exciting thing and I’m really enjoying it.

Having no notifications on

I’ve spoken about this a few times now so I won’t say much more on it but this habit is helping loads. With no notifications every five minutes I feel like I have more spare time, which sounds super strange but still ahah. I feel a lot less consumed by my phone which gives me the opportunity to do other things like go for a walk or research something new.

♡ What little habits do you have that make a big difference?

“Little by little a little becomes a lot” – Unknown.

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